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DTP340A Semi-Automatic Punch Machine

Stock Code : MCRE25

The RENZ DTP340A is the first heavy duty desktop semi automatic punch binding machine. Once punched, the side lay activates a paper shift that moves the paper along to the reception tray where the paper is accurately stacked ready to bind. The combination of high capacity punching and auto stacking, speeds up production by up to three times when comparing to other heavy duty punch binding machines. As with all heavy duty punch binding units, a large selection of tooling is available, ensuring all hole patterns can be punched, including calender patterns.

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DTP340A Die 0.2475" Pitch Oval Coil-5 x 4mm (A4/A5-ONLY) Code: MCRE88 Price: £1,949.00 ex VAT
DTP340A Die 3:1 Round Wire Code: MCRE28 Price: £1,499.00 ex VAT
DTP340A Die 2:1 Round Wire Code: MCRE29 Price: £1,499.00 ex VAT
DTP340A Die 3:1 Round Wire Calendar with thumb cut Code: MCRE85 Price: £1,999.00 ex VAT
DTP340A Die 3:1 Square Wire Code: MCRE30 Price: £1,499.00 ex VAT
DTP340A Die 2:1 Square Wire Code: MCRE31 Price: £1,499.00 ex VAT
DTP340A Die 3:1 Square Wire Calendar with thumb cut Code: MCRE86 Price: £1,999.00 ex VAT
DTP340A Die 2:1 One pitch 5.5 x 3.5mm Code: MCRE87 Price: £1,399.00 ex VAT
DTP340A Die Comb - 8 x 3mm Code: MCRE27 Price: £1,399.00 ex VAT
DTP340A Die 2 & 4 Hole Code: MCRE89 Price: £999.00 ex VAT

Fast and reliable, heavy-duty, semi-automatic, desktop punching machine. Very versatile machine for all types of book and calendar punching production.

  • Punching dies for all types of ring wire, plastic comb, coil and calendars.
  • Punch a wide range of mixed stocks
  • Fast die changes
  • QSA (Quick Size Adjustment) for high flexibility of different paper formats
  • Vertical paper feeding for precise punching

As an alternative to the DTP340A, why not look at the HD7000 with a higher punching capacity or the HD7700 Ultima which has a 40% higher punch capacity than any other desktop punching unit. Both the HD7000 and the HD7700 can be turned into semi automatic punches by using the Auto Punch and eject system and then further enhancing by adding the Pick and Lift system. Check out the 3 in 1 attached to the HD7700 Ultima

  • High Capacity Auto Punching: Punching productivity of 1,800 to 2,000 cycles per hour.

  • Interchangeable Die Sets: Die sets can be changed quickly and simply using the quick release levers.

  • Vertical Punching Slot: Allows for gravity fed volume punching to be achieved quickly and accurately.

  • Easy Accessible Punch Pins: Pins can be selected and deselected without removing the tooling.

  • Electronic Centering: An electrically operated side gauge centres the paper accurately on the die.

  • Electronic lay gauge: Once paper touches the lay gauge the punching cycle is triggered.

  • Integral Paper Tray: Once punched the paper is transported along to the integral paper tray for collection..

  • Large Chip Tray: Collects chips from up to 40,000 sheets, eliminating the need for frequent emptying.

  • Heavy duty Motor: A heavy duty motor and unique gearing ensures high capacity punching.

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