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Biocoil: The first truly recyclable and Biodegradable plastic Binding product, manufactured here in the UK exclusively by PDC - Perfect Document Creation. A truly environmental spiral binding product that will degrade 200 times faster than other plastic binding products, What that means is that if a product takes 400 years to biodegrade, it could now degrade in less than two years. Not only that, it will not leave any harmful residues.

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BioCoil® - Frequently Asked Questions

How is BioCoil®made?

Biodegradable BioCoil

BioCoil® is made by adding Biosphere, to our regular compound and colorant, during the filament extrusion process. Biosphere has been specifically designed to significantly increase the biodegradation process of plastics.

Independent testing has shown that plastics with the Biosphere additive will degrade in both anaerobic (without oxygen) and aerobic (with oxygen) environments. This means biodegradation will take place equally well in landfill, compost or marine environments.


Why use Biosphere Additive?

Biosphere is scientifically proven to breakdown plastics completely by increasing the level of hydrophilicity in the plastic, allowing acids that are secreted naturally by microbes to soften the macromolecules within the plastic. These microbes are then able to consume the macromolecules much more quickly resulting in much faster biodegradation occurring - returning it to nature in a much shorter period of time.

Independent testing of plastics containing Biosphere, have shown that biodegradation can occur up to 200 times faster than those without.

What this means is that an item taking 400 years to degrade could take as little as 2 years!


Key Benefits of using Biosphere to make BioCoil®?

  • With Biosphere added, BioCoil® is both recyclable and biodegradable.
  • BioCoil® has a normal shelf life and can be used day-to-day without losing any properties.
  • Discarded BioCoil® will be broken down much faster than similar plastic without the additive, leaving only water, biomass, and carbon dioxide - molecules that naturally occur during the biodegradation of all organic products.
  • During biodegradation in landfill, methane is produced and frequently collected and converted to clean energy.

How does BioCoil® Biodegrade?

Traditional plastics are typically hydrophobic which allows for only a small amount of biodegradation to occur and as a result degradation takes a very long time - typically hundreds of years.

By adding Biosphere during the manufacturing process our product becomes highly attractive for the microbes. This means many more gather on the surface of BioCoil® than would usually be the case with regular Coil.

Biodegradation only takes place when BioCoil® is exposed to naturally occurring microbial action.

BioCoil® will attract naturally occurring microbes in environments such as landfill. Microbes excrete enzymes which react with the Biosphere in BioCoil, softening the bonds in the polymer chain. This makes the plastic much easier for the microbes to digest. Many more microbes with an easy to eat and digestible food source, results in them breaking it down more quickly.

What other Green credentials does BioCoil® have?

BioCoil is Made in Britain

Besides the speed at which BioCoil® biodegrades, there are several other positive environmental benefits to using both BioCoil® and our regular Coil products.

  • BioCoil® and our regular Coil are manufactured at our West London production facility, so unlike many other binding consumables, it has not traveled around the world to get to you.
  • Ninety-Six percent of the raw materials we use in our manufacturing and packaging process are sourced from UK companies. Wherever possible, we source products that will have the least environmental impact.
  • All our Coil products are manufactured to order, minimising inventory, storage space, and potential waste.
  • Coil doesn't tangle in its packaging or during use. Coupled with Coils' ease of use when binding or editing documents, our customers report significant reductions in wastage.
  • We recycle. Ninety five percent of our post-production waste is recycled to produce our EnviroKoil product.
BioCoil is Recyclable

Does BioCoil® leave any microplastics behind when it biodegrades?

The short answer is NO. Biodegradation takes place by microbes consuming and digesting the BioCoil®. The microbes will consume all of the Coil which means no microplastics are left. What is left is biomass and water but no plastic.

Is BioCoil® Oxo-degradable?

NO - Oxo-degradable products fragment into smaller pieces (microparticles) when exposed to UV light. This is not true biodegradation.

Because BioCoil® contains Biosphere, when it comes into contact with active microbes, all that is left is biomass and water. UV light does not affect BioCoil®.

Can BioCoil® be both recyclable and biodegradable?

In short - yes!  Most traditional plastics have always been recyclable but not biodegradable. Biodegradable plastics have been developed in recent years, but these tend not to be recyclable.

Is the strength/stability/shelf life of BioCoil® compromised?

The in-use of BioCoil® is not affected by the incorporation of Biosphere.

This includes properties such as UV resistance, tensile strength, flexibility, and shelf life.

Biodegradation can/will only occur when BioCoil® comes into prolonged contact with the active microbes that naturally occur in landfill or marine environments.

Does Biosphere meet any standards for biodegradation?

Biosphere complies with several recognised ASTM and ISO standards for biodegradation. PDC will be working toward further specific certification over the coming months.

Meanwhile, please take a look at the existing Biosphere certification.

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