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Need more details or help? Then this is the place to come. Here you will find articles relating to products and/or services, that you might want to find out more about. If you cant find the details you require, please call 020 8810 5770 or send an email to sales@pdcuk.com.

BioCoil a Recyclable and Biodegradable Binding Solution

Find out more about BioCoil the worlds first truly recyclable and biodegradable binding product. Produced here in the UK, BioCoil takes another step toward a more greener and sustainable future.

Currently BioCoil is available in Black White and Clear, and supplied in our full range of Diameters from 6mm through to 50mm.

Don't forget that in addition to our standard A5, A4 and A3 BioCoil lengths, you can order any length you require, from 160mm right through to One metre. Should you require a specific colour other than Black White and clear, then checkout our Plastikoil product and the 45 colours we have available

BioCoil the next step in environmentally friendly binding

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Plastikoil - (A fully recyclable multi use Plastic Product)

Also known as Coil Binding, Color Coil, Plastic Coil Spiral Binding, or EZ Coil, we call it Plastikoil.

We make Plastikoil here in the UK, from locally sourced raw materials. Plastikoil is a multi use plastic product which can be recycled many times using regular domestic or commercial recycling facilities. PDC recycle all our post production waste and even take back some of our customers Coil waste. By clicking on each of the boxes below you will discover the 45 Colours we produce, the 16 sizes available, from 6mm through to 50mm. Also the A5, A4 and A3 lengths that are available as standard and the box quantities they are supplied in.

Shredder Guide

To help you find the perfect shredder for your requirements, why not take a look at our PDC shredder overview. Our shredders are organized into four categories- from personal deskside shredders to

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Shredder Security levels - DIN 66399

DIN 66399 ensures clarity when it comes to data protection. This standard, which has been in force since 2012, supports data security in business processes, but also helps to save costs and time. It sets precise requirements for proper data destruction, thus protecting data and conserving resources.

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James Burn - The full product range

PDC perfect document creation has worked with James Burn International for over three decades. During that time we have been privileged to supply some of the best and most innovative punch bind solutions available. Solutions that have helped improve productivity for businesses of all sizes. James Burn innovation remains at the forefront of document punch and binding solutions. So it is with great pride that we have recently become the exclusive UK supplier for the entire James Burn equipment range. So why not take a moment to explore the current range of solutions from one of the foremost document solutions providers. Alternatively please call 020 8810 5770 and ask to speak to one of our business development team, or mail sales@pdcuk.com , we would love to hear from you.

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