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A Guide to Service & Support from PDC

Why choose Service from PDC?

Regularly maintained equipment and properly trained operators will keep downtime to a minimum, ensuring your fully optimised investment gives you the best return at all times.

PDC support starts from the minute you contact us. Whether you are looking to purchase new equipment or have existing equipment from another supplier, we will be happy to offer a Service Agreement to suit your business and budget. Below are just some of the options available with PDC Service Agreements, but if you have anything else that you require please let us know, we will be happy to help.

Just some of the Options Available

  • Choose the length of cover you require
  • Call out times between 8 to 24 hours, dependent on location and business demands
  • Unlimited call outs or a specified number
  • Unlimited telephone support
  • Operator training for existing or newly installed equipment
  • No labour or travel costs
  • Planned maintenance visits throughout the year
  • Parts supplied at cost plus an agreed percentage for handling
  • Parts inclusive support
  • Loan equipment (where practicable) should we need to remove from the site
  • Guillotine safety record books supplied & completed by fully qualified technicians
  • Guaranteed discount on all new equipment supplied by PDC

PDC Technicians

Our Technicians are trained to support and maintain a vast range of offline finishing equipment, from desktop binding equipment, lamination equipment, Guillotines, Booklet Makers, Multi Finishers and more. Along with equipment supplied from all major manufacturers; Duplo, Morgana, Ideal, EBA, Rhinotuff, Plastikoil, Renz, GBC and many more.

Equally importantly, their work takes them to some of the highest level, legal, financial and Government environments where confidentiality and security are rigorously enforced, and professional behaviour is absolutely required. Our technicians are known and trusted in these sensitive environments.

How can I pay?

Service Agreements from PDC are all about choice and flexibility, and that goes for payment as well. As with all Service Agreements, costs are dependent on many factors, however the three key ones are; the amount of equipment you would like on agreement, the length of time you would like them covered for and the method of payment that you choose.

Our two methods of payment are: by 30-day invoice on an annual basis or by Direct Debit (we use Go Cardless) on a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly , half-yearly or annually, you choose. The benefits of Go Cardless payment are many, but the key ones are

  • Guaranteed 5% reduction on your billing, due to reduced administration
  • Guaranteed fixed cost for the period of the contract
  • Ability to add any new equipment you may purchase during the agreement.
  • Ability to remove equipment should you cease to require cover
  • Ability to cancel the agreement (with one month's written notice) after an initial six month period, if dissatisfied with the levels of Service provided.

What next?

So if you have one machine or many, if you bought from PDC or not, whether you need a one-off call or would like a quote for a Service Agreement, it could be an agreement for one or several years. Just call 020 8810 5770 or email sales@pdcuk.com and we will be happy to provide a quote over the phone or a no-obligation visit to your premises to carry out an asset inspection and subsequent quotation.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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