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DTP340M Electric Punching Machine

Stock Code : MCRE08

High performance punching system for punching and perforating paper with operating width of up to 34 cm [13,5”]. Convenient operation thanks to foot switch and vertical paper feed.

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DTP340M Die 0.2475" Pitch Oval Coil-5 x 4mm (A4/A5-ONLY) Code: MCRE92 Price: £1,299.00 ex VAT
DTP340M Die 3:1 Round Wire Code: MCRE17 Price: £999.00 ex VAT
DTP340M Die 2:1 Round Wire Code: MCRE18 Price: £999.00 ex VAT
DTP340M Die 3:1 Round Wire Calendar with thumb cut Code: MCRE90 Price: £1,499.00 ex VAT
DTP340M Die 3:1 Square Wire Code: MCRE12 Price: £999.00 ex VAT
DTP340M Die 2:1 Square Wire Code: MCRE09 Price: £999.00 ex VAT
DTP340M Die 3:1 Square Wire Calendar with thumb cut Code: MCRE60 Price: £1,499.00 ex VAT
DTP340M Die 2:1 One pitch 5.5 x 3.5mm Code: MCRE91 Price: £999.00 ex VAT
DTP340M Die Comb - 8 x 3mm Code: MCRE14 Price: £999.00 ex VAT
DTP340M Die 2 & 4 Hole Code: MCRE67 Price: £899.00 ex VAT

The Renz DTP340M is a high capacity desktop punching machine. Vertical paper feed and foot pedal operation make punching simple and efficient. A large selection of dies are available to for all punching styles, including calender punching. The Renz DTP340M binding machine is modular in design, so that you can attach or use independently a selection of closing devices (Coil, Wire and Comb).Tool changing is achieved by simply releasing the levers at each end of the machine and lifting the tool out (die change in under 60 seconds).

As an alternative to the DTP340M, why not look at the HD7000 which has a higher punching capacity, or the HD7700 Ultima which has a 40% higher punch capacity than any other desktop punching unit. Both the HD7000 and the HD7700 can be turned into 3 in 1 semi automatic punches by using the Auto Punch and eject system and then further enhancing by adding the Pick and Lift system.

  • High Capacity Electric Punching: Maximum punching productivity of 20,000 sheets per hour.

  • Interchangeable Die Sets: Die sets can be changed quickly and simply using the quick release levers.

  • Vertical Punching Slot: Allows for gravity fed volume punching to be achieved quickly and accurately.

  • Easy Accessible Punch Pins: Selector pins feature on all tools allowing all paper sizes to be punched.

  • Modular Design: Clip on additional Coil Insertion & Crimping Units, a Wire Closer or Comb Closer.

  • Modular holder: The holder can be used when you need the closing device separate from the punching unit.

  • Adjustable edge Guide: Easily adjustable to ensure accurate alignment of paper.

  • Large Chip Tray: Collects chips from up to 40,000 sheets, eliminating the need for frequent emptying.

  • Heavy duty Motor: A heavy duty motor and unique gearing means that high capacity punching can be achieved.

  • Rugged Construction: Steel forged and cast components provide longer life and greater reliability.

Machine Dimensions (L x W X Hmm) : 360 x 490 x 250 mm
Punching Operation :
Weight (Kgs) : 31 kg
Punching Width - Maximum : 340 mm
Power Requirement : 230/250V / 50Hz / 250W, 115/200V / 60Hz / 250W
Punching Width - Minimum : 10 mm
Safety Approvals : TUV/CE
Unpunched Length - Maximum : 800 mm
Binding Width :
Unpunched Length - Minimum : 40 mm
Wire closing range :
Max punching thickness : 3.5 mm
Capacity - Paper size (Max/Min) :
Punch capacity :
Machine Cycle : 1,200 per hour
Punch speed :
Productivity :
Operation : Foot pedal
Format change :
Compressed air :
Punch dies available : 3:1, 2:1 ring wire, calendar, coil, plastic comb
Pitch :
Die type : Standard
Binding element :
Selectable punch pins (QSA) : Yes
Min. binding width :
Bespoke dies : No
Max. binding width :
Variable margin depth : Yes
Speed :
Die changeover time : 1 min.
Crimping Capacity :
Paper stock :
Crimping Length :
Sheet pick up :
Adjustable Crimper Heads :
Tabbed sheet :
Machine Set-up :
Feeder & reception capacity :
Inserting :
Sheet size :
Crimping :
Motor :
Punch pattern :
Inserting Roller :
Number of Punch Holes :
Adjustable Roller :
Punch Cycle Speed :
Pitch :
Single Punch Capacity :
Suggested Binding Capacity :
Single Punch Length :
Hole Size :
Disengageable Pins :
Binding thickness :
Side Margin Guide :
Space requirement :
Min. unbound edge :
Max. unbound edge :
Time required for diameter change :
Format change without diameter :
Calendar hangers :
Wire Capacity :
Document Size :
Productivity :
Binding Length :
Narrow Cut :
Binding Time :
Maximum Sheet Widgh :
Bind Cycle Speed :
De Bind Facility :
Binding Type :
Max Operating Width :
Spirals :
Binding Capacity :
Binding Styles :
Book Sizes :
Strip Lengths :
Spine Thickness :
Paper Weight :
Edit Capability :
Warm-up Time :
Volume :
Document Formats :

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