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Comb Binding

Comb binding machines are an inexpensive way to bind small to high volume binding projects.

Plastic comb binding machines are used with eye-catching plastic binding combs to enhance sales brochures or business documents.

We offer a wide range of plastic comb binding machines, electric comb binding machines or manual comb binding machines for home, business or office use.

To bind a document, first punch holes in the paper with one of our specialised hole punch bind machines, then choose a spine size that will match the document. Standard sizes are 3/16 inch (for 10 sheets of 20# paper) up to 2 inches (for 425 sheets). Spine lengths are generally 11 inches to match the length of letter-size paper.

To insert the spine, use one of our comb opener and closer machines to open and insert the rings of the spine into the holes in the page. Finally, close the comb with the closer. You now have a closure that can be opened again for making changes to the book.

That's exactly what multi-function punching is. Punching equipment that gives you the freedom to change between whatever hole pattern you require for whatever style of binding, in seconds.

Buy one punch to suit the volume of work that you have. Then choose one or a selection of punch tools to suit the binding styles that you want to create.

See also our comprehensive range of multi-function punching equipment.

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