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Coil or Spiral Binding

Coil binding, also known as spiral binding, is a continuous PVC filament formed into the shape of a spring. PDC, the largest manufacture of Plastikoil coils here in the UK, source the raw materials from local suppliers and manufacture the product at our West London facility.

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We are the UK's largest manufacturer of Spiral Coil where we produce 45 Spiral Coil Colours in a range of diameters from 6mm through to 50mm and have recently launched the BioCoil® product which is now a truly Bio-degradable binding solution.

Why Choose Spiral Coil Binding?

Flexibility!  When it comes to producing a variety of different documents, not all binding methods can accommodate. Plastic coil binding is the preferred method of professionals and hobbyists that frequently produce pitch books, educational planners, food menus, pocket guides, training manuals, and much more.

Lay Flat! One of the main advantages to plastic coil binding is that it allows document pages to open 360 degrees and lay completely flat. With plastic spiral binding coils, you can efficiently and expertly produce documents that are ready to use and give you the peace of mind that they will not damage or spoil in transit or after use.

One Pitch!  PDC can manufacture all sizes 6mm through to 50mm in the same pitch pattern.  The industry standard is 4:1 (0.2475) but we also offer 3:1 and 6:0 for those looking to covert from wire binding to coil. Users who regularly work with the larger books can switch to 3:1 coils and purchase an oval die set from PDC.  The larger hole makes inserting those larger sizes that much easier.

Variety!  45 different colours available from our standard range of coils. BioCoil® also comes in Black, White and Clear.  Need a bespoke colour?  No problem.  Send us your pantone colour and we will work to match it.  Need to Spiral bind a bespoke sized document, no problem. Not only do we produce Spiral Coil to bind A5, A4, and A3 documents we can also produce to order, any length from 160mm up to one metre.

You can now order your Coils online any time that suits you. Simply register your details as an account customer or guest and we will get you set up. For account customers that regularly order, we can create your own order form, so you can quickly select and order your most frequently used products without the need to search through the site.


1.What coil bind pitch do I need?

The most common binding pitch for spiral coils is 4:1 (0.2475).  PDC can also manufacture each size in 3:1 and 6:0.

2. What is the largest book a coil can bind?

You will need to work within the limitations of your equipment but the 50mm coil has a sheet capacity of 460 sheets of 80gsm paper.  Equivalent to a 47mm book.

3. Why is the coil longer than my book?

Spiral coils need to be longer than the binding edge length to allow for cutting and crimping.  That extra material also allows for a 2nd or 3rd attempt at binding if you are not quite happy with the finish.  Something wire binding doesn’t allow!

4.How do I know what coil size I should get?

The most accurate way to determine the best coil size for your book is to lay all of your pages on a desk (including covers and any inserts) and measure the thickness of the stack.  We recommend at least size 1up from the thickness of your book.  You can refer to our handy size guide HERE.

5.Is the coil size the outside or inside diameter?

Coil binder measurements are the inside diameter, or "ID".

6.Can I buy smaller packs?

Our box quantities range from 500 to 50 depending on the size.  speak to us about bespoke quantities to see if we can accommodate.

7.Is coil binding better or worse than wire and comb?

All binding methods have their pros and cons. Coil is by far our bestselling product.  We think its great!!

We have put together a small chart to show how it compares against the other methods;

Binding Type Spiral Coils Wires Combs
Largest Book You Can Bind* 47mm Thick Stack About 440 Sheets (With a 50mm Coil) 1 ½ " (34mm) Thick Stack About 340 Sheets (With a 1 ½ “ Wire) 49mm" Thick Stack About 425 Sheets** (With a 51mm Comb)
Part of the reason why coil bindings can hold more capacity, even compared to larger alternatives, is because they are a continuous loop of plastic. Wires are metal (which doesn’t have the same bounce-back) with loops that protrude into the holes, and combs have prongs or teeth that tuck under the spine. The continuous coil is stronger and can hold more pages, without worry about them falling out.
Damage when Bent No Yes Yes
Colour Choices 45 Different Colours BioCoil® available in Black, White and Clear Silver, White, Black, Blue, Navy, Red, Bronze, Green. Black, White, Navy, Clear

9.Do you have more colours?

Yes, contact us today for details on how we can pantone match your unique or corporate colours.

10.Is it possible to coil bind without a machine?

Absolutely.  As long as you can punch the correct hole pattern, simply wind the coil through the book by hand.  Using a pair of crimping pliers, will then allow you to secure each end and finish your book.

11.How much do Spiral Binding Machines cost?

PDC have a wide range of spiral coil binding solutions.  Contact us today and our friendly, helpful team will talk through your options in line with your budget.

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