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Coil or Spiral Binding

Coil binding, also known as spiral binding, is a continuous PVC filament formed into the shape of a spring. PDC, the largest manufacture of Plastikoil coils here in the UK, source the raw materials from local suppliers and are proud to be a member of the MADE IN BRITAIN group.

Coil binding or spiral binding is advantageous because the bound document can lie completely flat, the coil itself is crush resistant, making your documents durable, and again with the environment in mind, the coil itself can both be re-used and recycled. And you can send any unused off-cuts back to us and we will turn them into our Envirokoil product.

Our Plastikoil coil binding is available in 45 different colours and we can custom match to your corporate brand so that your documents always look professional and business-like. Whatever type of spiral binding machine you need, you can be sure we can supply it.

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