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Coil Insertion & Crimping

Coil or Spiral insertion and crimping is made easy when you choose one of the many options available from PDC. Whether you are Coil binding a few pages or many thousands our extensive range has a solution for you. From Coil binding crimping pliers right up to sophisticated and automated Coil Spiral Binding inserters and crimpers we have the perfect solution for you.

We can help you make the right choice of Coil or Spiral binding inserters. So please just give us a call (020 8810 5770) or mail ( to discuss your requirements in more detail. We can even arrange an onsite or online demonstration of your chosen Coil inserter and crimper, we are happy to help.

More information

Coil or Spiral binding as it is sometimes called, has become the document presentation style of choice, and for many reasons.

The practical reasons for Coil bindings popularity is its ease of use, and durability. Inserting a Coil onto a punched document is quick and simple. Once the Coil is on the document, the pages will turn extremely easily. Coil is a continuous spiral, so pages cannot fall out. On the rare occasions where you might need to remove the Coil to change some pages, Coil can be removed without damaging your document. In many cases the Coil can be reapplied, without the need to use another, saving cost and wastage.

One of the biggest reason for Coil bindings rise in popularity are its green credentials. Our regular Coil is made here in the UK and is produced using a multi use plastic allowing it to be recycled easily through general domestic or industrial processes. Recently we have launched a new and completely unique Coil binding product. BioCoil brings a new meaning to green products, as it is a Coil that can not only be recycled but it will biodegrade. BioCoil Coils, don't just biodegrade. When introduced to landfill and marine environments they will biodegrade 200 times faster than equivalent plastic products. For example, if a regular plastic product takes 400 years to biodegrade, BioCoil will take just two years. Not only that, BioCoil leaves no micro plastics, a real green product!

To find out more about BioCoil, just FOLLOW THIS LINK.

Finally, you may also need to look at the way you punch your documents, so please take a look at our many punching options, by following THIS LINK.

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