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PDC Finish a Coil Inserter

Stock Code : MCCH05

The PDC Finish a Coil and the PDC Finish & Crimp a Coil are our most popular Coil inserters, with many features that make Coil insertion quick and simple.

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£599.00 ex VAT

The PDC Finish a Coil features adjustable (high tack) feed rollers, ensuring trouble free insertion of Coils from 6mm up to the largest diameter, 50mm. Compact and robust, its features include an integral Coil size guide, a pitch identifier and a forming channel for shaping larger documents for easy Coil insertion. The PDC Finish a Coil is operated by foot pedal, allowing the operator to have both hands free to hold the document. A handy storage compartment for your Crimping Pliers (supplied with the machine) is located on the top of the machine.

  • Adjustable feed rollers Rollers can be adjusted to accept all Coil sizes from 6mm up to 50mm

  • Diameter Selector Allows for easy selection of the correct size Coil for the document you are binding

  • Forming Channel Used to shape the spines of thicker documents, prior to applying the Coil

  • Foot pedal Operation Ensures that both hands are free to hold the documentwhilst inserting the Coil

  • Pitch Identifier Allows easy confirmation that the holes punched match the pitch of the Coil

  • Free Crimpers Each machine is supplied with a set of Crimping Pliers

  • Storage Compartment An integral storage compartment for your Crimping Pliers

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