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PBS 1500 Inserter (coils up to 50mm)

Stock Code : MCGA23

1500 Industrial Coil Inserter - The most economical, full range inserter on the market

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The PDC Industrial Coil Inserter is designed for years of commercial use and reliability. Full range capability with components to handle the entire range of coil diameters from 6mm to 50mm.

Can handle all available coil diameters.

Unobstructed table top work surface allows you to bind books of all shapes and sizes.

Designed to work with longer 36" lengths of coil enabling you to maintain higher productivity (fewer stops and starts to reload the coil supply)

  • Comes complete with:
    PBS 1500 Inserter with cabinet
    Set of 10 Mandrels
    3 Belts
    2 pair of Crimping Pliers
    1 for diameters to 20mm
    1 for diameters to 50mm
    Built-in accessory tray
    Koil Size Calculator
    Photo instructions

  • Productivity: As high as 350 books/hour

  • Full Range Coiling Capabilities: Can bind books with coil diamters from 6 mm through 50 mm (1/8" to 17⁄8" book thickness)

  • Min/Max Binding Edge: From 1" up to a 39" edge (2.5 cm to 99 cm)

  • Foot Pedal Operated

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