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NCF 6 New Concept Former - Excl Mandrels

Stock Code : MCGA05

Automatic coil forming machine. Produces the full range of diameters up to 30 mm and a wide range of pitches.

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The new NCF6 control system with its Allen-Bradley Micro 850 PLC and Panelview C400 4.3 inch color touchscreen improves the operator interface, making it easy and fast to set up the machine or change sizes. Pre-programmed temperature and machine speed values are optimized for each coil diameter insuring consistent top quality coil while at the same time insuring MAXIMUM productivity.

Unique 2 Roller System Allows for easier mandrel changes and a better cool air flow around the forming coil.

Innovative Hot Start Feature The Hot Start Feature allows the NCF6 Concept Former to Stop and Start – without any interruptions in production. Hot air keeps the filament warm as it exits the heater drum so that when the Former re-starts there is no product distortion. A very important feature that allows the Concept QS Interline Systems to operate as well as they do.

Automatic Oiling Ensures precise amount of oil is released so coil is not under lubricated or too greasy. Built In Mandrel Storage

Inline options: As your coil requirements grow, so can your equipment. The APSI can be linked to a former to expand your capabilities to include in-house coil manufacturing with automated finishing. The Inline former can be linked with two APSI auto inserters. A modular design that grows with you.

Maximum width 460mm

Max. diameter 30 mm (opt. up to 50 mm)

  • Coil Diameter Capabilities – 6 mm to 30 mm with options up to 50 mm

  • Multiple Pitch options – .2475“ / 4:1 / 6 mm / 5:1 / 3:1 / 2.5:1

  • Custom pitches also available

  • Min / Max lengths – 160 – 460 mm

  • Optional slide-in extension table – for lengths up to 1090 mm

  • An enhanced state of the art PLC Control system

  • Color Touchscreen with a very User Friendly Interface

  • Pre-programmed temperature and machine speed values

  • Enhanced system status monitoring complete with fault log to aid with service and maintenance

  • 3 phase AC motors and variable frequency drives.

  • Spool Detection system – allows quicker spool changes.

  • Improved ergonomics with the Control Touchscreen

  • Safety shields on the heater drum

  • Automatic Oiling System

  • Small footprint

  • Smooth, quiet, simple operation

  • Self-reliant / Minimal operator supervision

  • Hot Start option – Stop / Start with zero waste

  • Interline capabilities with the PBS 3000QS4 Auto Inserter(s)

  • Optional packaging / single and dual interline modules pre-configured into the control system make expansion easy

All performance outputs are based on 80 gsm paper and may vary depending on the product type, the working environment and the operator. (1) Subject to the coil pitch used and machine model.

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