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TCB Total Cut & Bend - Electric

Stock Code : MCGA21

The TCB total cut & bend is the only crimping machine that will cut and crimp Coil of all sizes from 6mm through to 50mm all with the same crimping heads! In addition the TCB will cut and crimp coils that have been inserted into documents up to 43cms wide.

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Set up is quick & simple - just follow the 5-step instructions printed on the machine, nothing could be simpler. The TCB is the ideal solution when high volume crimping is required. Documents can be crimped quickly, simply and consistently. The PDC TCB gives you perfect, consistent and accurate crimping every time.

To further speed up the insertion and crimping process, why not take a look at the cost effective Koilmatic and the high production 3000QS series of insertion and crimping machines.

  • Accommodates coil diameters from 6mm to 50mm without the need for crimping head changeover.

  • Longer crimp achieved as coil diameter increases - reducing the risk of coil unwinding from the larger punch holes.

  • No tools required for size changeover.

  • Easy to follow decals to guide operator through setup & changeover.

  • Removable off-cut tray makes accumulation and disposal of off-cuts neat and tidy.

  • Large top surface doubles as useable workspace.

  • Electrically actuated.

  • Easily integrated with most coil insertion equipment.

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