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Concept Dual QS Interline System - excl Mandrels

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The Plastikoil Gateway QS2 Dual Interline System for the manufacturing and automated insertion of plastic spiral binding from Gateway Bookbinding is the first of its kind, allowing for binding books quickly.

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Plastic spiral binding is formed in the diameter and length needed on the Plastikoil Gateway New Concept Former. Then the PLC control system signals the unit to convey the coil either left or right to one of the two interlined Plastikoil Gateway 3000QS Quick Setup Automatic Coil Inserters. The two operators of the Coil Inserters simply activate their foot pedal to complete the coil insertion into the book with a simultaneous crimp of the coil ends. As the New Concept Former does not require a dedicated operator, the two Inserter operators are able to achieve productivity ratings never before seen for plastic spiral – as high as 1400 books per hour – on a system that can be fully tooled to handle coil diameters from 6 mm up to 30 mm.

In-house coil forming in itself realizes substantial material savings. Automated coil insertion with the 3000 QS Quick Setup Auto Coil Inserters enables even the most inexperienced operator to bind books quickly and efficiently. Interline the two and you greatly improved your productivity. Run a dual interline setup – and you’re into major plastic spiral binding book production.

As always, the units can interline and operate in unison or be detached whenever necessary for independent production.

  • Production Capabilities: Will bind up to 1400 books per hour.

  • Multiple Pitch Options: 4:1” or 0.2475”, 6mm, 3:1” and 5:1”, Custom pitches also available.

  • Manufacturing Capabilities: Can be tooled to insert 6mm through to 30mm Coil diameters.

  • Stand alone production: 6mm to 30mm, with options up to 50mm.

  • Min/Max Lengths: 12.7 cm to 30.5 cm (with 12" model) OR 43 cms ( with 17" model)

  • Speed and insertion Ratios: For binding books quickly - pre-programmed speed ratios optimized for each diameter, ensuring Coil is always available for document production. Over ride facility for custom settings.

  • Hot start: Unique Hot start facility minimizes wastage when using as an interline unit.

  • Temperature Control: Control ensures precision settings and best production results at all times

  • Digital Counter: Counter offers simultaneous box/total order requirement, minimizing wastage and over supply.

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