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PDC Finish & Crimp a Coil

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The Finish and Crimp a Coil is THE most easy-to-use Coil finisher that you can find in the market today. It is designed with one goal in mind... providing the maximum productivity & best results while requiring minimum effort from the operator.

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The Finish & Crimp a Coil has adjustable full size rollers, operated by a foot pedal. This means that the operator has both hands free to hold the punched document, so insertion of Coils is fast and easy, even with larger size Coils

Furthermore, the built in electric Coil crimper will make your Coil binding experience easier and faster than ever. Forget about using the manual crimping pliers. With the Finish & Crimp a Coil you will easily & quickly crimp off the excess Coil in your book with a simple press of the foot pedal. Where volume or production demands that the Coil insertion and crimping are kept separate or a dual crimping facility is required, try our Heavy Duty Inserter, the Onyx HD4170 and our double end Coil Crimpers, the TCB (Total Cut & Bend) or the Crimp a Coil.

  • Full Length and Adjustable Roller: High friction rollers, Foot-pedal operated. Bottom roller adjustable to make larger Coil insertion easy.

  • Built-in Electric Coil Crimpers: Provide consistent & perfect crimping for all Coil sizes up to 50mm with a simple press of the foot-pedal. No need to use Crimping Pliers to cut and bend Coil.

  • Adjustable Crimper Head Mechanism: For perfect crimp results in all Coil sizes.

  • Foot Pedal Operation: Allows the operator greater control as both hands are free to hold the document when inserting or crimping the Coil. Manual operation mode allows the operator to choose between 'Insert' and 'Crimp' action when foot pedal is pressed.

  • Automatic Mode Selection Sensor: This innovative feature allows the operator to set the machine to AUTO mode, which automatically switches foot-pedal operation between 'Insert' and 'Crimp' by its built in sensor.

  • Integral Coil Diameter Selector: Helps select the correct coil diameter size corresponding to the thickness of your document.

  • Integral U Shaped Alignment Channel: helps when inserting Coil into larger capacity documents by forming the book block to the Coils shape.

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