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3 - Phase Shredders

No matter how much paper needs destroying, you should be able to keep the secure destruction of all confidential data under your roof, without having to outsource to external companies. An IDEAL document shredder allows you to operate independently of external disposal firms. All professional shredders in this range are suitable for continuous operation and even the basic document shredder in this class has sufficient capacity to cope with the paper shredding demands of a whole office floor. Powerful machines with practical feeders allow you to shred the entire contents of a waste paper bin, including crumpled paper. Other document shredder models have a large feed table with a conveyor belt, so that even large amounts of paper can be quickly and efficiently destroyed at a central location. The top document shredder can process up to 700 pages at a time and destroys entire ring binders, with their clips, with guaranteed high security.

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