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MATRIX DUO 460 A2 Roll Fed Laminator - A2 multipurpose single/double sided roll fed system ideal for both laminating and encapsulating

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The Matrix Duo is an innovative laminating system designed for laminating and encapsulating.

The Matrix Duo gives the flexibility of single side lamination, encapsulation and even double side lamination, providing an affordable and effective solution, compared to outsourcing.

The Matrix Duo is a hot laminator and allows the flexibility of single side OPP roll film lamination and encapsulation providing an affordable and effective solution to outsourcing.

Built for continuous use on an everyday basis and constructed using parts of the highest quality only.

The Matrix Duo has been designed to help breathe life into your business by allowing you to provide your customers with a service you previously had to outsource, enabling you to offer your customers a truly one-stop shop.

Unique Benefits

Single side litho and digital laminating is a popular requirement for printers and copy shops wanting to laminate a whole host of printed media from business cards to menus. To outsource this work, can be a huge cost on small businesses and so the Matrix Duo has been designed to allow the flexibility of single side lamination AND encapsulation providing an affordable and effective solution.

Performance and Build

The Matrix Duo hot laminators are built for continuous use on an everyday basis and have been constructed using parts of the highest quality including heavy duty motors and all metal construction.


The Matrix Duo range of laminators are desktop models, however we do supply optional stands for them. The stands have a base plate to store any additional rolls of film and also they are on the wheels to make moving your Matrix Duo simple.


  • Single Side Laminating - A single side laminator is the perfect solution for high quality single side lamination of flyers, book covers, greetings cards and much more.

  • Double Side Laminating - Ideal for business cards, menus and much more. Gives you much more flexibility in the jobs you can take on, and superior to just a single side laminator as work is laminated in half the time a single side laminator would complete the job.

  • Encapsulation - Encapsulating involves heat activated thermal film being applied on both sides of the print. The finished result is trimmed to leave a clear border around the edge of the print, therefore encapsulated. Choosing a finish is simplicity itself - gloss or matt, or a bit of both at the same time - face up for matt, face down for gloss.

KEEPING THINGS SMOOTH - Anti-curl print - The unique anti-curl bar on both Matrix Duo models allows the thinnest of laminates to be applied without the worry of a curled finish.

FINGERTIP CONTROL - Control panel - The easy-to-use control panel takes virtually no training, yet it offers you complete control over every job.

GLOSS OVER QUICKLY, MATT IN MINUTES - Extension arm - Each of the Matrix Duo models have extension arms that allow large rolls of film (up to 1000m/3280ft) to be used, saving changeover time. Each machine is also supplied with both 25mm / 1" and 77mm / 3" core adapters, to give you even more flexibility.

ADDITIONAL EXTRAS - Film perforating system - Designed to make your life easier, the perforator attaches to the top of the machine, to perforate the the film and make it easier to slit as your job comes out laminated at the back of the machine without the need for a knife/scissors. The perforator can be moved to perforate the film at whatever width you require.

Great for use in...

Digital printers, In-house print rooms, Copy and print shops

Ideally suited for...

Business cards, Menus, Brochures, Posters and prints, Book covers

  • 1.4m/5ft a minute

  • 77mm/3” & 25mm/1” core

  • Adjustable anti-curl bar

  • Single sided lamination

  • Encapsulation

  • Double sided lamination

  • High quality silicon rollers for even pressure

  • Optional stand

  • Quick set-up

  • Suitable for digital & litho prints

  • Laminate on demand

  • Adjustable anti-curl bar

Encapsulating Speed (mm/min / inches/min) :
Laminating Speed (m/min / feet/min) : 1.4 / 5
Document Size :
Max. Width (mm / inches) : 460 / 18
Max. Encapsulating Width (mm / inches) :
Laminating Thickness (micron) :
Warm-up Time (mins) : 10
Control Panel :
Number of Rollers :
Warranty : 1 Year
Power Supply AC (v, 60Hz) : 110
Laminating Temperature Range (°C/°F) : 0-140 / 32-284
Power Supply AC (v, 50Hz) : 220 / 240
Mounting Thickness (mm / inches) :
Power Supply Required (Amps) : -
Film Core (mm / inches) : 25 & 75 / 1 & 3
Power Consumption (W) : 950
Dimensions without Packaging (mm / inches) :
Overall Dimensions - Width (mm / inches) : 720 / 28
Overall Dimensions - Depth x Height (mm / inches) : 480 x 400 / 19 x 16
Gross Machine Weight (Kg / lbs) : 45 / 99

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