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Nagel Multinak S Twin Head Stapler


The Multinak twin headed staplers allow the efficient production of jobs requiring frequent change-over between flat and saddle stapling. Versatile and durable, the machines are the industry standard for all types of commercial and in-plant applications.

The power operated Nagel Multinak S or treadle version Nagel Multinak FS feature two stapling heads that can vary in position between 80 – 155 mm. The preformed staples ensure accurate production of booklets and pads from just 2 up to 270 sheets. For brochures or booklets to be filed in ring binders without being punched the original Nagel loop staples are the perfect solution.

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The Multinak twin headed staplers operate extremely quietly and combine consistent stapling accuracy with high performance operation. Both models are conform to the European CE safety standards
Power clenching system The clenching mechanism provides a flat stitch, pushing the legs of the staple flat against the material to ensure strong, perfectly formed stitches each time.

Operating table
Fast change-over from flat to saddle stapling is effected by simply flicking over the table. An optional extension table including a back stop bar is recommended for large formats.

Wear parts
The operator can easily replace all wear parts – no technical support is required

Quick and easy set-up of the heads to take different wire thicknesses and staple sizes, even loop staples. Stapling heads for thick pads up to 27 mm are available as option.

The Multinak is designed to give years of trouble-free service. Fast, versatile and remarkably reliable, the Multinak is a high performance stapler

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