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Duplo DF-1200

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High volume air suction folder

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The DF1200 is the only table top suction folder in the market with Optical Double Feed Detection. The DF1200 handles a huge range of printed stocks and is particularly targeted at the Digital Colour market. Suction feeding avoids sheet marking and static fuelled mis-feeding, typical when using friction fed paper handling devices. Combine this with intelligent paper size detectionand automatic plate setting and you are sure of the quickest possible set - up and folding operation.

Fold Types

Folding Process

Feeding Mechanism

The DF-1200 is equipped with a top feeding suction-fed system. It is designed to handle all paper types whilst set-up is fully automatic and intuitive. The top feeding system relieves pressure on the fed sheet because there is no weight above it. This means there is no rubbing because the sheet is lifted by air suction rather than dragged through and delivered into the machine. The paper feed tray has a capacity of 625 sheets (50mm).

Noise Level

The new DF-1200 is the quietest table- top air suction folding machine in the market today. It is equipped with a fan not a pump and the fan system is much smaller than conventional ones so it is housed within the machine itself. The fan is also much quieter than a compressor pump, this is particularly noticeable when compared to other suction folders.

Folding Quality and Styles

The DF-1200 utilises two folding plates and four folding rollers to guide heavier stocks and achieve a superbly flat fold. It is equipped with 6 standard folding styles: Single Fold, Double Fold, Irregular Accordion Fold, Letter Fold, Accordion Fold and Brochure Fold. In addition, the operator can create Custom fold and Cross fold applications that give an enormous level of flexibility.


The DF-1200 can consistently and accurately process up to 260 sheets per minute. Equipped with 5 speed levels, the operator has greater flexibility to reduce the speed for tricky jobs and increase the speed when time is of the essence. Automatic set-up ensures very high productivity and efficiency in terms of savings in cost and time.

The DF-1200 automatically detects the standard paper sizes from A3, B4, A4, B5, A5 and B6 and automatically sets the fold position for each of the 6 built-in fold styles. For non-standard paper size the length can be inserted manually and the fold positions are adjusted accordingly.

Job Memories

The DF-1200 has 20 job memories for non-standard folds. The operator can insert the sheet length and fold dimensions through the control panel and can save the jobs which can be recalled for future use. Once an operator enters the folding parameters and presses the test button, all parameters are automatically adjusted.

Batch Mode/ Interval Functions

The benefits of this feature are multifaceted. In terms of productivity alone, it ensures the machine can be run at a continuous speed with a short pause at set intervals, to enable the operator to offload without completely stopping the machine – essential on a long run.

Optical Double Feed Detection

The DF-1200 is the only table-top air suction folder in the market equipped with Optical Double Feed Detection, ensuring the integrity of the folding process. Optical Double Feed Detection ensures just a single sheet is processed at a time, which is particularly important when folding personalised letters and documents.

Optional Side Air Kit

The DF-1200 has an Optional Side Air kit for better paper separation and smooth feeding.

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Low Space Requirement

The DF-1200 has a compact footprint making it the ideal solution for small workspaces.

Speed : up to 15,600 sheets per hour
Types of fold : Single, Accordion, Gate, Half Accordion, Double Parallel, Letter, Cross-Fold
Format :
Grammage : 52 - 157gsm
Input Capacity :
Dimensions : 587 x 1193 x 541mm
Packing size :
Weight :
Voltage / Frequency :
Maximum Paper Size : 182 to 457.2mm
Minimum Paper Size : 120 to 311mm
Paper Quality : Fine Quality, recycled, Stencil, art and coated
Paper Weight :
Maximum Processing Speed :
Capacity of Feeding Tray :
Feeding Mechanism :
Automatic Folding Stopper and Stacker Roller :
Cross-Fold :
Noise Level : 74.3db
Power Supply :
Current Consumption :
Counter : digital
Automatic Fold Position Setting : Yes
Double Feed Detection : Yes
Re-folding Function :
Paper Size Detection :
Memory for Custom Fold :
Automatic Tray Up/down : Yes
Interval Function :

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