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Rinak Electric Stapler - (incl stand)

Stock Code : MCMORINAK

Nagel staplers leave nothing to be desired in daily office use. The staplers, both manual and electric, are robust and durable. Flat or saddle stapling, flat or loop staples, small or large volumes and changing formats – Nagel staplers stand out by their versatility.

The Rinak electric stapler is excellently suited for sophisticated stapling jobs in offices, schools, copy shops and printing houses. The simple handling and easy changeover from flat to saddle stapling are indispensable features for a device designed for multiple users. The Rinak produces perfect presentation material quickly and efficiently, even in small volumes.

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The Rinak Duo is the perfect choice for users who want to staple documents with two staples in one pass. The Rinak Duo consists of two combined Rinak staplers. The unit is very operator friendly and also uses loop staples to produce booklets that can be filed. Users who are already working with a Rinak can extend this unit to a Rinak Duo at any time.

Easy handling Within seconds the feed table can be changed over from flat to saddle stapling. The variable paper stop ensures that the staples are spaced correctly (which is especially important when loop staples are used) and positioned precisely. The staple magazine can be opened at the front for an easy reloading of staples.

  • Saddle stapling up to DIN A4 booklet size and 30 sheets (equals 120 pages)
  • Flat stapling up to 40 sheets
  • Loop stapling without changeover (distance between staple loops exactly 80 mm for brochures that can be filed)
  • Stapling power can be adjusted to thin and thick paper layers

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