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C-PRESS 440-Die Cutting Press

Stock Code : MCCYCP440

Massive heavy metal cutting press with working width 440 mm is determined for cutting covers, puzzles, business cards and other products up to 1,5 mm thick. By inserting of standard cutting form between two cylinders of this machine various shapes of paper and other materials can be cut out. The machine can be controlled also by foot pedal.

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  • Robust and solid construction
  • Continuously adjustable working height (up to 72 mm)
  • Manual and foot control
  • Possibility of cutting of small objects wrapped in plastic foil (toys, batteries, etc.)
  • Optional cutting shape
  • Easy to use

The weight of paper folder C-PRESS 440 is 53 kg! For easier manipulation with the machine we recommend to buy also mobile base MB 70. This mobile table was constructed specially for robust heavy duty Cyklos machines. Loading capacity of MB 70 is 60 kg. Working with our C-PRESS 440 you also appreciate two shelves for storage of documents or cutting dies. For more information get in touch on 0208 810 5770 or sales@pdcuk.com

Cutting Length : :
Cutting Height :
Cutting Height with false clamp installed :
Narrow Cut :
Narrow Cut with false clamp installed :
Table Depth :
Power Supply :
Dimensions :
Dimensions with side tables :
Height with stand :
Height with cabinet :
Weight :
Weight wiith Side Tables :
Weight with stand :
Weight with cabinet :
Application :
Format :
Activity :
Cutting Width :
Cutting Thickness :
Number of Tabs :
Dimensions :
Weight :
Productivity :
Tab Lengths :
Voltage :

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