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Citoborma 490 (4 Head) Paper Drill

Stock Code : MCMO4904

This Paper Drilling machine offers the perfect solution for all requirements and materials.
Robust and extremely precise even under heavy usage, the Citoborma 490 is a professional drilling machine.

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The Citoborma 490 is a production machine designed for fixed use. It features a torsion free machine base, manufactured from heavy metal profiles, which guarantees the highest precision for drilling.

Steel profiles ground to the highest precision guide the drill heads and table free of play. The model 490 takes up to six drill heads.

This allows the operator to finish most applications with only one stroke. The Citoborma 490 is a robust drill to handle all of the daily in and out applications cost effectively. Its standard features make it an astonishingly flexible machine.

  • As many as Six drill heads Individual drill heads can be easily added or removed subject the the number of holes required. can be carred out by the operator with no need for an engineer.
  • Extremely Robust Nagel have been building their excellent reputation since 1938.
  • Easy Set up and Operation Catering for a variety of different substrates (paper, cardboard, plastic, textiles)
  • Various hole diameters available** from 2mm to 35mm
Number of Heads : 1-6
Drilling Thickness : 60mm (max)
Drill Diameters : 2-35mm
Back Gauge Depth :
Table Size :
Paper Centering :
Programme :
Drill bit height adjustment :
Dimensions : 1390H x 710W x 770Dmm
Weight : 265kg
Power requirements : 400V
Safety approvals :

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