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Magna Punch Pro

Stock Code : MCGBMPPR

The new Magna punch Pro binding machine is the latest heavy duty desktop punching system from GBC.

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Magna Die (P) 4:1-Oval-Coil-Die Code: MCGBPR41O Price: £5,360.00 ex VAT
Magna Die (P) 4:1-Round-Coil-(0.2475")-Die Code: MCGBPR41R Price: £1,818.00 ex VAT
Magna Die (P) 3:1-Round-Wire-Die Code: MCGBPR31R Price: £1,591.00 ex VAT
Magna Die (P)-2:1-Round-Wire-Die Code: MCGBPR21R Price: £1,591.00 ex VAT
Magna Die (P) 3:1-Square-Wire-Die Code: MCGBPR31S Price: £1,591.00 ex VAT
Magna Die (P) 2:1-Square-Wire-Die Code: MCGBPR21S Price: £1,591.00 ex VAT
Magna Die (P)-Comb-Die Code: MCGBPRCO Price: £1,591.00 ex VAT
Magna Die (P)-Surebind-10-Prong-Die Code: MCGBPRSB Price: £1,591.00 ex VAT
Magna Die (P)-2/4 Hole 8mm-Die Code: MCGBPR24 Price: £984.73 ex VAT

The Magna punch Pro has a range of 13 Punch tools available, so can be used to punch virtually any hole pattern required.

Tooling can be changed quickly and simply and the punch is operated either by foot pedal or side lay trigger switch. As an alternative to the Magna punch Pro, why not consider the Onyx HD7000 which has the same punching capacity, or the Onyx HD7700 Ultima which has a 40% higher punch capacity than any other desktop punching unit.

  • Several High Capacity Dies available: For Coil, Wire, Comb and much more. Insertion of Dies is quick and simple.

  • Fast Punch Cycle: With continuous rated motor allows for high volume punching to be undertaken

  • Efficient power system: Driven by flywheel technology that converts electric energy to kinetic energy, allowing faster acceleration and punching

  • Punches up to 49 sheets at a time: Varies by punch pattern

  • Operation: Punch activated by table top trigger or foot pedal to maximize through put

  • Easily accessible punch-pins

  • Large chip tray: With capacity for chips from 40,000 sheets

  • All-metal housing: With redesigned metal cover with die set ruler viewer

  • New Die Locking mechanism

  • Cast aluminum base: Acts as a durable platform for the punching mechanism

  • Durable precision worm gears: Constructed from high-grade carbonized steel, which allow for quick energy transfer and faster punching

  • Enhanced edge guide: With adjustable sliding knob and screw system

  • Locking die set system: With integrated safety switch, 13 die sets (including a new wire calendar die), and backward compatibility with Magnapunch 2.0 dies

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