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Ideal 4705 Guillotine Manual (excludes stand/cabinet)

Stock Code : MCDU02

Packed with safety features from IDEAL’s Safety Cutting System, the 4705 is a powerful manual office guillotine. A solid all-metal build, the system uses cutting blades made from high quality German steel. It has a 475mm cutting length and 70mm cutting height and can be supplied with an optional stand to convert from desktop use.

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£2,700.00 ex VAT

IDEAL 4705

Safety is paramount with this manual desktop office guillotine. Utilising IDEAL’s Safety Cutting System of features, it has a transparent safety guard that must be closed for cutting to begin, safe blade-changing processes, and a blade lever with overload protection. Cuts up to 500 sheets of 70 gsm paper. Easy to operate with a solid all-metal build, there is an optional stand available.

Blade changing device: The operator is protected during blade changes through a device that covers the cutting edge of the blade. The change can be made safely and conveniently without removing covers.

Hand crank: Precise positioning of the back gauge is possible using the hand crank in combination with a digital measurement readout on the front table.

Spindle clamp: Ensure firm clamp pressure across the entire cutting line using the spindle clamp with hand wheel.

Cutting Length : : 475mm
Cutting Height : 70mm
Cutting Height with false clamp installed :
Narrow Cut : 30mm
Narrow Cut with false clamp installed :
Table Depth : 455mm
Power Supply :
Dimensions :
Dimensions with side tables :
Height with stand :
Height with cabinet :
Weight :
Weight wiith Side Tables :
Weight with stand :
Weight with cabinet :
Application :
Format :
Activity :
Cutting Width :
Cutting Thickness :
Number of Tabs :
Dimensions : 590H x 1000W x 890Wmm
Weight : 85kg
Productivity :
Tab Lengths :
Voltage :

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