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CreaseStream Mini Quick-feed

Stock Code : MCCR1031

The Mini Quick-feed is ideal for businesses who's digital finishing has low production requirements but tight timescales

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Based on the Mini Standard the Mini Quick-feed includes a unique feeder system that allows you to process sheets up to three times faster. Easy top loading and a unique sheet separator, allow you to feed continuously for fast output.

Digital stocks can be prone to marking or scuffing because the creaser uses a vacuum pump during feeding. The Mini Quick-feed eliminates this problem with an innovative gravity flow feeder, which gently 'kisses' the sheets, making only minimum contact. This means that you will get a flawless crease every time because there's no damage to any fibres.

Don't be fooled by the simple design

The Mini Quick-feed is a great example of "less is more." The intentionally low-tech design can deliver sheets at almost three times the speed of the Mini Standard giving a terrific output speed. The price is kept low because there are no motors or complicated electronics or software.

The CreaseStream mini is unique in that it produces a minimum of 2 matrix crease impressions at the same time, with unmatched accuracy and precision, eliminating any trace of fibre cracking, even when processing sensitively printed digital stocks.

Bonus micro-perforating tools give it that extra edge

The CreaseStream Mini Quick-feed can easily be fitted with our impressive micro-perforating tools, which apply fine quality results, giving it that extra edge - No other product in this area of production is so versatile.

The CreaseStream Mini Quick-feed relies on a simple rotary operated handle, which the user turns to advance the sheets through the tooling shafts. Once the paper guides are set you can hand feed without any hassle, no alignment problems, the crease/perf register is perfect, from the first sheet to the last.

Designed to adapt to varying work demands - As well as the standard double crease version we have the Spine & Hinge Creaser option that applies 4 close proximity creases simultaneously, this is ideal for forming the spines of perfect bound book covers and similar items such as wallets/folders etc.

The CreaseStream mini Quick-feed was developed to provide affordable, quality desk top creasing that is perfect for: *Copy shop business

  • Small digital print runs

  • Photo-book production

  • Creasing samples and customer mock-ups

  • Processes up to 3,000 sheets per hour

  • Easy to set, operate and change from one stock to another

  • Supplied with two tools as standard - so you can do multiple creases or crease and perforate at the same time.

  • Accepts average feed stack of sheets and features a unique sheet separator for continuous feeding

  • Low impact environmentally, as there's no electrical input, no vacuum pump and therefore no noise

  • Eliminates fibre cracking

  • Options - for creasing, creasing and perforating and spine & hinge tooling available

  • Produces up to three crease styles to match any imaginable stock /print combination

  • Feeds - maximum sheet width of 52cm

  • Accurate and reliable

  • Excellent for small run digital production

  • Ideal for photo-book creasing

  • Great for creasing customer samples

  • Apply creases/micro-perforations to same side or to both sides of sheet.

  • Cost-effective and adaptable to any print environment

Max Sheet Format : W520mm x L520mm
Min Sheet Format : W80mm x L120mm
Stock Range : 65 - 350gsm
Productivity : Up to 3,000 sheets per hour
Machine Weight : 31Kgs
Dimensions : L 820mm x W 760mm x H 705mm
Power : Manual non electric
Optional Mobile Table Details : Table Size - L 645mm x W 530mm x H 705mm, Weight incl Packaging - 36kg

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