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MC12 Manual Wire Closer

Stock Code : MCGB94

The GBC MC12 is manual in operation and has an ambidextrous handle to make finishing easy for all users, whatever setup or situation, at your desk, on a table or at a workstation.

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£842.00 ex VAT

The MC12 has adjustable knobs to ensure that spines close evenly for a polished look. Creating impressive Twin Loop Wire Bound documents with the GBC MC12 Wire Closer can be completed in just three easy steps! Now, your documents not only command attention, but are functional as well. Twin Loop bound documents lie completely flat when opened and pages wrap all the way around for easy handling and photocopying. The GBC MC12 is ideal for office environments looking to transform their finished proposals or in high production environments where simple operation is important.

  • Spine-size adjustment knobs.
  • Durable heavy-duty design.
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Bind documents up to 300mm wide
  • Fully compatible with both 3:1 Pitch and 2:1 Pitch Wire Binding Spines

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