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TL2900 Electric Wire Closer

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GBC TL2900 (Electric Wire Closer) Wire Binding Closers Electric Wire Closer

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The GBC TL2900 wire binding closer will close any size wire accurately in under 2 seconds. With a unique wire holding bar the operator can load the punched paper onto the wire and then simply press the close buttons to activate the closer. Used effectively, up to 200 books an hour can be produced.

  • Wire Capacity: Closes 3:1" & 2:1" sizes 3 to 20

  • Maximum Sheets: 240 (80 gsm)

  • Document Size Punched edge: Up to 12" (30cms)

  • Document Size Un – punched Edge: Up to 14" (35.5 cms)

  • Electric Binding: Produces a quality crimp in less than 2 seconds, for up to 200 books per hour.

  • Dual Activation Binding: Quickly and safely crimps the wire document with a push and hold motion.

  • Closing Lid: Ensures that the wire element is in the proper closing position for a round wire close.

  • Wire Loading Hooks: Holds both 3:1" & 2:1" wire in place while pages are loaded and the document crimped, eliminating manual movement of the document into a separate closing station.

  • Single Adjustment Knob: Adjusts the closing lid quickly and evenly for crimping different size wire in one easy step

  • Wire Size Guide: Convenient wire size guide, simply dial in the wire size to be crimped using the easy to follow size guide dial

  • User Friendly LED Display: Four LED’s guide the operator through the binding process. LED’s read "LOAD", "PUSH & HOLD" "DONE" * **and "RE-DO".

  • Auto Reverse: Ensures safety by reversing the motor and crimping action if the operator removes hands from activation buttons to soon.

  • All Metal Construction: Solid castings provide greater punching durability.

Crimping :
Wire closing range :
Pitch :
Power Requirement : 230v50Hz/1.0 amps
Speed :
Adjustable Crimper Heads :
Weight (Kgs) : 19.5 Kgs
Max. binding width :
Machine Dimensions (L x W X Hmm) : 406 (w) x 178 (h) x 330 (d) mm
Operation :
Min. binding width :
Binding Width :
Machine Cycle :
Inserting :
Capacity - Paper size (Max/Min) :
Crimping Length :
Compressed air :
Crimping Capacity :
Machine Set-up :
Safety Approvals : TUV/CE/GS
Motor :
Binding element :
Punching Width - Maximum :
Punching Operation :
Single Punch Length :
Punch speed :
Binding Length :
Space requirement :
Time required for diameter change :
Punch capacity :
Binding thickness :
Pitch : 3:1" Square hole punching
Disengageable Pins :
Single Punch Capacity :
Inserting Roller :
Narrow Cut :
Unpunched Length - Maximum :
Min. unbound edge :
Unpunched Length - Minimum :
Adjustable Roller :
Document Size :
Productivity :
Calendar hangers :
Suggested Binding Capacity :
Wire Capacity :
Format change without diameter :
Hole Size :
Productivity :
Max punching thickness :
Side Margin Guide :
Punching Width - Minimum :
Max. unbound edge :
Format change :
Sheet size :
Die changeover time :
Tabbed sheet :
Variable margin depth :
Selectable punch pins (QSA) :
Punch pattern :
Die type :
Feeder & reception capacity :
Punch dies available :
Sheet pick up :
Bespoke dies :
Paper stock :

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