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The James Burn L'Hermite EPX700 is a manually fed punching machine designed for intensive commercial use. It caters for a wide variety of materials, such as Paper, Covers, Card, Backboards, Plastic, Acetates, plus many other materials. The EPX700 offers flexibility of operation, high performance, and a very short make ready time, making it ideal for the busy finishing department.

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4:1 Oval (4 x 5mm) Coil Tool - EPX700 Code: MCJB107 Price: Call
4:1 Round (4 mm) Coil Tool - EPX700 Code: MCJB108 Price: Call
3:1 Round (4mm) Tool - EPX700 Code: MCJB109 Price: Call
3:1 Square (4 x 4mm) Tool - EPX700 Code: MCJB110 Price: Call
2:1 Round (6mm) Tool - EPX700 Code: MCJB111 Price: Call
2:1 Square (6 x 6mm) Tool - EPX700 Code: MCJB112 Price: Call
3:1 Round (4mm) Calendar Tool - EPX700 Code: MCJB113 Price: Call
3:1 Square (4 x 4mm) Calendar Tool - EPX700 Code: MCJB114 Price: Call
Comb (8 x 3mm) Tool - EPX700 Code: MCJB115 Price: Call
Wire or Coil with additional Perf line -EPX700 Code: MCJB116 Price: Call
Wire or Coil with additional Perf line and Ring Binder holes Code: MCJB117 Price: Call
Tear -Off or Snap out Tool Code: MCJB118 Price: Call
T-Slot Tool (Round or Square Code: MCJB119 Price: Call
Universal Binder (4 Oval Holes + 5 Round Holes) Code: MCJB120 Price: Call
Standard 6mm Round 4 Hole (80mm Centres) Code: MCJB121 Price: Call
Tab or Index Cutting Tool Code: MCJB122 Price: Call
Round Corner Tool Code: MCJB123 Price: Call
Euro or Window Slot Tool Code: MCJB124 Price: Call

The strength and high quality of the punch tools ensures long term reliability, and the compact footprint of the EPX700 allows for easy installation in busy work locations. The EPX700 is a foot pedal operated heavy duty floor punch capable of punching up to a maximum binding edge of 660mm (punch tooling is ordered separately). The range of tooling available with the EPX700 is probably the largest available for any punch machine, in addition the tooling used in the EX610 Auto Punch along with the earlier EX380 model can be used as required. James Burn makes some of the best heavy duty punching and binding equipment available. One of their most powerful products is the L'Hermite EPX700 punch, here are some more details.

  • The EPX700 is a punch that can handle more than just paper. This machine is strong enough to process materials as varied as cover stock, some plastics, acetates and more

  • The EPX700's punch capacity varies according to the type of material you are punching and what kind of punching pattern you are using. As an example, if you are punching for Spiral Coil or twin loop wire binding you will be able to punch (approx) 40 sheets of 80gsm paper at a time. If you are working with material that needs perforating or round cornering, you can process anywhere from 1 to 15 millimetres at a time, just depending on what you are working with.

*By using a special attachment and die set, you'll be able to punch up to 660mm wide. Making the EPX700 perfect for wide format documents.

*Changing tooling with the EPX700 doesn't take to long - only a few minutes. Also each die set has disengageable die pins, allowing you to work with many different sizes of paper and other materials.

  • The EPX700 is a very powerful machine and best suited for use in binderies, print shops and other high volume environments.

In conclusion, the James Burn L'Hermite EPX700 is an impressive punch, recommended for high output environments. This is one of only a few punches that can process not just paper but a large range of other materials, and provide a huge range of punch patterns and hole shapes a truly versatile punch machine.

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