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James Burn EX-610 Auto Punch

Stock Code : MCJBEX610

The JBI EX610 is the ultimate high volume punching system, ideally suited to the trade bindery. Punch up to one million sheets in just one 8 hour shift. Running at up to 8,400 cycles per hour, it is the fastest punch on the market. Available in three punching widths 380mm, 610mm & 700mm. With an unlimited selection of stock or custom made tooling, the JBI EX 380, 610 & 700 models are recognised as the best punching solutions currently available. Need to replace existing tooling or have a bespoke hole pattern produced? Just check out our Custom Made Tooling options.

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4:1 Oval (4 x 5mm) Coil Tool for EX610 Code: MCJB75 Price: Call
4:1 Round (4mm) Die for EX610 Code: MCJB76 Price: Call
3:1 Round (4mm) Tool for EX610 Code: MCJB77 Price: Call
3:1 Square (4 x 4mm) Tool for EX610 Code: MCJB78 Price: Call
2:1 Round (6mm) Tool for EX610 Code: MCJB79 Price: Call
2:1 Square (6 x 6MM) Tool for EX610 Code: MCJB80 Price: Call
3:1 Round (4mm) Calendar Tool for EX610 Code: MCJB81 Price: Call
3:1 Square (4 x 4mm) Calendar Tool for EX610 Code: MCJB82 Price: Call
Comb (8 x 3mm) Tool for EX610 Code: MCJB83 Price: Call
2/3/4 Hole (6mm) Tool for EX610 Code: MCJB84 Price: Call

The EX 610 high speed automatic punch is designed to accommodate the widest possible punching applications for large size runs. Running at up to 7,200 cycles / hour, it is the fastest punching machine in its range. Continuous paper loading speeds productivity to provide a true output of up to 120,000 sheets (80gsm) / hour including loading & unloading operations.

The EX 610 machine range punches virtually any type of stock and material that will be retained in their pre-collated sequence. It will perform all types of punching works on up to 3 lines, tab cutting or corner perforation. The EX machine range can be equipped with either high pile reception or variable speed conveyor for continuous delivery or a simple jogger.

With the Punch Anywhere option, the EX 610 can even punch holes in the middle of the sheets. and with the nail hole option, it can punch suspension holes for calendars simultaneously with the Wire-O® perforation line.

Fast and simple to set up and operate with quick tool change over. Sheets are automatically aligned both ways with micro adjustment. One direction, one level, permanent sheet transport control and absence of contact of transport belts during punching ensures precision punching and unmarked sheets

  • High Output: The ability to continuously feed stock, combined with an adjustable paper pick up to 2.5mm, maximises productivity at up to 8,400 cycles/hour.

  • Sheet Alignment: Sheets are automatically aligned laterally and longitudinally, with a micro adjustment for fine setting.

  • Stock Handling: Non contact of transport bands during punching ensures unmarked sheets.

  • Paper Path: Paper path is flat and uses a turnover device to ensure that sheets remain in perfect collated order.

  • Output Options: All machines are available with a choice of output options (Jogger, Conveyor or High pile reception unit).

  • Versatile: Three models available (EX380, EX610 & EPX700)

  • Tooling: Large range of stock tooling with options to have custom tools built to order. Tooling is adjustable to suit any paper sizes and interchangeable between models.

  • Powerful: Punches virtually any stock

Machine Dimensions (L x W X Hmm) : 2800 (W) X 1320 (D) X 1400mm (H)
Weight (Kgs) : 1200
Wire closing range :
Safety Approvals :
Binding Width :
Power Requirement : 3 Phase
Machine Cycle : 120 per min
Capacity - Paper size (Max/Min) : 610 x 530mm (Max) 110 x 95mm (Min)
Max. binding width :
Min. binding width :
Binding element :
Inserting :
Inserting Roller :
Speed :
Crimping Capacity :
Operation :
Machine Set-up :
Compressed air :
Pitch :
Adjustable Crimper Heads :
Crimping :
Crimping Length :
Motor :
Adjustable Roller :
Pitch :
Single Punch Length :
Suggested Binding Capacity :
Single Punch Capacity :
Hole Size :
Side Margin Guide :
Space requirement :
Binding thickness :
Disengageable Pins :
Max. unbound edge :
Min. unbound edge :
Format change without diameter :
Time required for diameter change :
De Bind Facility :
Binding Length :
Document Size :
Binding Time :
Bind Cycle Speed :
Productivity :
Wire Capacity :
Maximum Sheet Widgh :
Calendar hangers :
Narrow Cut :
Warm-up Time :
Binding Styles :
Spirals :
Spine Thickness :
Max Operating Width :
Binding Capacity :
Volume :
Paper Weight :
Edit Capability :
Strip Lengths :
Document Formats :
Wire-O Closing Range :
Binding Type :
Book Sizes :
Max Binding Format :
Min Binding Format :
Binding Speed :
Wire-O Diameters :
Shipping Dimensions :
Min. Number of Wire-O Loops :
Wire-O Sizes :
Shipping Weight :
Spine length :
Cover thickness :
Skip Binding :
Book Thickness :
Cover dimensions :
Standard Features :
Number of clamps :
Glue application :
Spine length: Max / Min :
Glue Warm-up in Stand-by Mode :
Touch Screen :
Book height: Max / Min :
Maximum Cover Weight :
Notching & Roughing :
Block/spine thickness :
Glue warm up :

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