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Ideal 4300 Manual Guillotine

Stock Code : MCDU4300

Safety is paramount with the IDEAL 4300 manual desktop office guillotine. Utilising IDEAL’s Safety Cutting System of features, it has a transparent safety guard that must be closed for cutting to begin, safe blade-changing processes, and a blade lever with overload protection. Easy to use and with a solid all-metal build, the machine can be used with an optional stand.

Transparent safety guard: A key safety feature is the transparent safety guard. Only when this is closed, is the blade lever unlocked, allowing cutting to begin.

Blade lever: Cutting is very easy using the ergonomically-designed safety blade lever, which has patented overload protection while cutting

“Fast Flick” action clamp: Operating the guillotine is quick, thanks to the “Fast Flick” action clamp. Once paper is loaded you just need to throw the level to tighten the stack and then cutting can start.

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