Ideal 1110 Guillotine Trimmer - 1100mm Trim Length - PDC Presentation Solutions Ltd

Ideal 1110 75* Guillotine Trimmer 1100mm Trim Length

Stock Code : MCDU0016

Great for cutting heavier materials as well as paper and cardboard, the IDEAL 1110 is a professional trimmer with 1100mm cutting length, and equipped with a sturdy stand. Materials such as thin metal plates, foils, balsa wood and linoleum can be trimmed using the machine’s obtuse-angled (75o) universal blade, up to a maximum cutting height.

Extension table: Especially useful when trimming large format materials, the IDEAL 1110’s front gauge also has a fold-away extension table to support bigger sheets during cutting.

Foot pedal clamping: For convenience and ease of use, the model includes a foot pedal on its stand for operating the clamping system.

Quality in every detail: Made in Germany and safety tested by independent safety labs, quality runs throughout the IDEAL 1110 trimmer, from its Solingen steel blade set, solid cast aluminium blade mounting bracket and blade axle with double bearing for precise cuts, to its unbreakable plastic blade guard and fine adjustment front gauge.

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