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Ideal 4850 Guillotine

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Packed with safety features from IDEAL’s Safety Cutting System, the 4850 is a powerful guillotine with an automatic blade drive and clamp. A solid all-metal build, the system uses cutting blades made from high quality German steel. It has a 475mm cutting length and 80mm cutting height and comes with a stand, storage shelf, tool holder and stacking angle.

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IDEAL 4850

Professional guillotine with EASY-CUT, automatic clamp, hand-crank backgauge and perspex safety shield ensuring the blade area is completely secure at all times during operation. For all features and benefits of this device you can find them on the adjacent tab or download the full data sheet provided.

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Easy Cut: Safety and convenience are satisfied with the IDEAL 4350’s patented EASY-CUT blade activating bars, which guarantee safe two-handed operation.

Hand crank: Precise positioning of the back gauge is possible using the hand crank in combination with a digital measurement readout on the front table.

Optical cutting line: See your guide to accurate cutting in lights! The IDEAL 4850 features an LED optical cutting line to allow the easy alignment of cutting marks.

Cutting Length : : 475mm
Cutting Height : 80mm
Cutting Height with false clamp installed :
Narrow Cut : 30mm
Narrow Cut with false clamp installed :
Table Depth : 458mm
Power Supply : 230 Volt 50 Hz
Dimensions : H: 1296 x W: 762 x D: 1053mm
Dimensions with side tables : H: 1296 x W: 1349 x D: 1053mm
Weight : 225 Kg
Weight wiith Side Tables : 234 Kg

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