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Multigraf CF375

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Integrated creasing & folding all in one.
The TOUCHLINE generation offers more flexibility and automation than any other product in its class. The Eurofold TOUCHLINE CF375 from Multigraf is an integrated creasing and folding system which unites the two operations in one process. It handles paper stocks up to 400 gsm.
It employs the unique Multigraf Swingbar System for creasing without cracking. The sheets don’t stop during the creasing process. The automated setup of the crease depth with different positions is another fantastic feature of the TOUCHLINE CF375. The creasing bar is easily interchangeable. This new technology allows for the speeding up of the creasing process with an accuracy of 0.2 mm.

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Very simple operation Multigraf’s inspiration for this new product line was given by its name - TOUCHLINE. Press the button and off you go! By simply entering the necessary information through the touchscreen, the machine creates all settings automatically. A small, centralised, multifunctional operating panel offers all necessary functions for a fast production start.

The folding section of the Eurofold TOUCHLINE CF375 uses Multigraf’s Pro-Knife System. It was designed not only to achieve a perfect folding process but also to avoid marking and scratching on the products. These electronically controlled knives are also used as deflector bars, contacting the leading edge only. Due to the extra large diameter fold rollers, there is no deformation on the folded products at all. By using this technology, the TOUCHLINE CF375 runs at a consistent speed of more than 5000 A4 sheets per hour, regardless of the number of creases and folds applied. TOUCHLINE is equipped with a pile feeder using vacuum belt technology and air knife control for a perfect sheet separation. There is no additional pump needed. This offers less noise emissions in a print room environment. The maximum sheet size is 375 x 1050 mm. Multigraf’s Eurofold TOUCHLINE CF375 can be used as an integrated creaser/folder performing both functions in one single pass, as a stand-alone creaser when folding is not needed or as a perforator when no other operation is required.

  • Touchscreen Very simple and menu driven operation. All elementary settings are entered directly over the touch screen.
  • One touch operation A small, centralised and ergonomic operating panel offers all necessary functions for a fast production start.
  • Vacuum pile feeder The pile feeder is using a vacuum belt technology and air knife control for a perfect sheet separation. It handles paper sizes from 105 x 148 mm to 375 x 1050 mm.
  • Double sheet detection A professional ultrasonic double sheet detection system is available as an option which offers 100% control on all sheets running through the machine.
  • Two delivery sections The delivery side consists of two different output levels. For creasing and folding, the upper delivery belt is used, for creasing only the lower reception tray.
  • Perforating device An online perforating device is available for the lower exit level as an option.
Working Width :
Feeder System : Suction Fed
Grammage Capabilities :
Feeder Capacity : 180mm
Number of Perforating Wheels :
Max Paper size : 660 x 375 mm
Max. Input Capacity :
Min Paper size : 105 148mm
Speed : 5000 A4 ph
Paper stocks : 80 - 400gsm*
Maximum Paper Size :
Interface : Touchscreen panel
Width of Crease :
Double sheet detection : Yes, Ultrasonic (option)
Dimensions : 1860 x 600 x 1320mm
Creasing system : Swingbar
Packaged Dimensions :
Max creasing depths : 3 auto setups
Weight : 168kg
Max no. of creases : 20
Power Requirement :
Safety Approvals :
Optional Equipment :

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