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DBM-150 Digital Booklet Maker

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Duplo’s 150 Digital Booklet System is the combination of the world’s smallest fully automatic bookletmaker, the DBM-150 with the new generation DSF-2200 sheet feeder. It is an ideal near-line solution for low to mid volume digitally printed sheets. This System is configured to meet the ever changing demands of today’s digital printer and is designed to take printed output from multiple sources. Duplo has bundled the features of the big bookletmakers into this uniquely compact system.

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  • Fully automated bookletmaking system
  • Speed up to 2400 books per hour
  • Offers complete integrity and security
  • Ability to take printed output from multiple sources

Booklet Making Process

Finishing modes:

The 150 Digital Booklet System can finish side stapling, corner stapling and fold saddle stapling applications. It is also possible to produce fold only applications.

Recommended for

Financial and Investment Reports, Benefit Statements, Pension Statements, Corporate Reports, Personalised University Prospectus, Menus, Catalogues, Brochures, Coupon booklets, Yearbooks, Magazines, Newsletters, Small Information Booklets, CD Booklets, Order of Service

  • Compact Footprint - The 150 Bookletmaker and Trimmer is 13% smaller than its predecessor the 120 system. The small footprint of this 150 Digital booklet system makes it easy to install in places with limited space. It is an ideal companion for low to mid volume users such as Quick printers, Copy shops, In-plants and Digital printers. Despite its small size, this system can finish a wide range of applications.

  • Flexibility -The 150 Digital Booklet System allows you to support the printed sheets from multiple printers. Merging together digital and offset sheets, simple brochures or complex personalised documents are also possible–all without compromising print production.

  • Media - The 150 Digital Booklet System can finish wide range of applications. It can handle sheet sizes from 120mm x 210mm to 320mm x 460mm and paper weights from 64gsm to 300gsm.

  • Productivity - The 150 Digital Booklet System can finish up to 2400 books per hour without operator intervention or any wastage. Moreover the feed trays on the DSF-2200 can be utilised in five different ways for optimum efficiency. The upper bin provides a loading capacity of 65mm and the lower bin provides a loading capacity of 200mm. Both bins can be used to feed the covers, contents or sets with self covers. They can also feed a variety of paper types and weights up to 300gsm with ease and precision.

  • Automated Precision - The whole system is managed from a single PC controller. This automatically sets-up jobs within a few seconds and changeover between jobs is without the use of any tools. The operator can create and save jobs with ease for future recall. Each bin in the DSF-2200 is equipped with state of the art Ultrasonic Technology. The Ultrasonic Sensor detects air gaps between two sheets when a double feed occurs regardless of ink colour, paper colour or paper density. This enables the operator to feed different paper weights within the same job.

  • Superior Feeding System - The DSF-2200 is equipped with an 8 belt feeding mechanism which enables the feed head to make contact with a large area of the sheet. Each bin comes with three separate DC fans, one to provide suction for feeding, another to provide front air to separate the lead edge of the sheets and a final one to provide side air to separate the sides of the sheets allowing air to flow through the entire length of the sheet for optimal paper separation. The operator can easily manage and control the amount of suction, air and separation to accommodate difficult stocks.

  • Integrity and Security - The system is equipped with features like Optical Mark Recognition and optional Barcode Kit that can read 1D or 2D barcodes. The kit comprises of two readers for each feed tray. It is designed to check the integrity of each set by reading a printed barcode on each sheet that is processed, ensuring that production is right first time. These features are especially important for personalised and variable production.

  • Finishing modes - The 150 Digital Booklet System can finish side stapling, corner stapling and fold saddle stapling applications. It is also possible to produce fold only applications.

  • Trimmer - The 150 trimmer is fully automatic and is programmed from the PC controller. The operator can adjust the trimming position from 1 to 20mm.

  • Hand-feeding - The 150 Digital Booklet System is also equipped with the hand feed unit as a standard.

  • Modularity - This highly modular system and can be customised according to the end users needs, allowing them to configure and expand as their demands change.

Max Speed - (Booklets/Hour): :
Paper weight range: :
Maximum sheet size: :
Minimum sheet size: :
Minimum book size: :
Maximum book size: :
Bin capacity: :
LCD control panel: :
Intelligent feeding: :
Booklet size : Saddle stapling and folding - Length 210 to 460 mm Standard size: A5SEF, A4 SEF, A4 LEF, A3 SEF, A3SR SEF, B5 SEF, B4 SEF, LGR SEF, LGL SEF, LTR SEF, LTR LEF, Side stapling (option) - Length 180 to 231 mm
Paper type : Fine quality: 64 to 127.9gsm, Art/Coated: 104.7 to 127.9gsm Cover: Fine quality, Art/Coated within 300gsm
Stapling thickness : Fine Quality: within 2.5mm (Maximum of 25 sheets) Art/Coated: within 2.0mm (Maximum of 20 sheets)
Max Processing Speed : 2400 sets/hour
Stapler : ISABERG RAPID R952
Stapling Width : 70, 108, 160, 258, and 276mm
Trimming waste width : 1 to 20 mm
Number of sheets that can be trimmed : 4 to 50 sheets
Staple Capacity : 5,000 staples per cartridge
Detecting Function : Paper jam (in-feed section, stopper section, ejecting section), Staple near empty, Corner and Side Staple Kit detection, Cover open/close, Knife stop position error, Motor overload detection, Folding roller gap
Operation Panel : LCD control panel (DBM-150)
Noise Emission : Equivalent continuous AWeighted sound pressure level: 75.2 Sound Pressure level: 92.5 (measured at 1m away from the control panel, 1.5m from the floor)
Power Supply : 120 to 240 V 50/60 Hz
Current Consumption : DBM-150: 130W 1.2-0.7A DBM-150 + DBM-150T: 230W 2.2-1.1A
Net Weight : 137kg
Capacity :
Speed :
Squarefolding modes :
Booklet size, max :
Booklet size, min :
Dimensions excl. base :
Sheet count (Min) :
Sheet count (Max) :
Feeded book size W x L (Min) :
Feeded book size W x L (Max) :
Finished book size W x L (Min) :
Finished book size W x L (Max) :
Face trimming (Min) :
Face trimming (Max) :
Side trimming (Min) :
Side trimming (Max) :
Duty cycle :
Standard Paper Sizes :
Set size (stapled folding) :
Dimensions :
Stapler Modes :
Stapler Heads :
Staples :
Error Detection :
Book thickness (Min) :
Book thickness (Max) :
Staples per booklet :
Staples per cartridge :
Trimmed booklet size (Min) :
Output conveyor capacity :
Book Stacker capacity (Optional) :
No. of Bins :
Stitching :
Book Stacker :
Off-line use :

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