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Bindomatic 1000

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Bindomatic 1000 - manually operated desktop binding machine

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£195.00 ex VAT

The Bindomatic 1000 is our smallest manually operated desktop binding machine - it fits into the smallest space. You can bind up to five documents at once depending on spine width. Create perfect bind looking documents every time in just minutes.

  1. Measure the set of paper to be bound with the cover size selector.
  2. Choose a Bindomatic cover to match the correct spine width for your binding project - presentation, report etc - and load the paper set.
  3. Insert one or more of the documents that you wish to bind.
  4. Press the Red Button to start the binding process.
  5. When the red indicator light goes off, the binding is completed. Remove the documents and place them in the cooling stand for ~2 minutes to cool down.

Congratulations! You have created a professionally bound document!

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