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Onyx-HD7500 (610mm Wide Punch)

Stock Code : MCRT0021

The Onyx HD7500 Horizontal is a 24 inch (610mm) open-ended punch binding machine for calendar and other applications. It features the patented “quick change” die system for changing punch patterns in 30 seconds.

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£6,199.00 ex VAT
HD-RT-7500-4:1-Round-0.2475-Coil-Die Code: MCRT0029 Price: £1,999.00 ex VAT
HD-RT-7500-6:0-Round-Coil-Die Code: MCRT0028 Price: £1,999.00 ex VAT
HD-RT-7500-3:1-Round-Wire-Die Code: MCRT0023 Price: £1,999.00 ex VAT
HD-RT-7500-2:1-Round-Wire-Die Code: MCRT0025 Price: £1,999.00 ex VAT
HD-RT-7500-3:1-Square-Wire-Die Code: MCRT0024 Price: £1,999.00 ex VAT
HD-RT-7500-2:1-Square-Wire-Die Code: MCRT0026 Price: £1,999.00 ex VAT
HD-RT-7500-3:1-Round-Calendar-Thumbcut-Die Code: MCRT0034 Price: £2,299.00 ex VAT
HD-RT-7500-3:1-Square-Calendar-Thumbcut-Die Code: MCRT0035 Price: £2,299.00 ex VAT

The Onyx HD7500 Horizontal binding machine was designed with the operator in mind, offering quick, easy set-up including easy pin pulls and pre-set paper stop positions. The machine comes with twin motors, giving you plenty of power for those difficult jobs. A three year warranty makes the HD7500 top of its class. Designed for mid to high volume commercial and corporate use.

The device comes as a horizontal is a 24 inch (610mm) open-ended punch binding machine for calendar and other applications. It features the patented “quick change” die system for changing punch patterns in 30 seconds. There is built-in die storage to conveniently store two 24 inch (610 mm) dies behind the Onyx HD7500. It has a Pull-Out Extension Table for larger size jobs which reduces overall footprint when not in use.

  • Pull-Out Extension Table: For larger size jobs. Reduces overall foot print when not in use.

  • Quick Change: Patented Quick Change Die System “QCDS.”

  • 24 inch (610 mm) Open Ended Punching: Allows for Wider Applications.

  • Punch Speed: 25 Cycles Per Minute.

  • High Capacity: Rated up to 40 sheets or up to 80 Pages of 20 pound (80 gsm). The number of sheets depends on the paper weight and punch pattern used.

  • EXTRA HIGH Capacity Chip Tray: Large Slide-Out Container. Never worry about over-flls.

  • Smooth, Quiet, Power: On Demand Operation.

  • All Punch Pins easily disengage.

  • Built-In Die Storage: Conveniently store up to two 24 inch (610 mm) Dies Behind the HD7500H. At last! A place to store your extra punch tools.

  • 3 Year Warranty

Weight (Kgs) : 63.5 Kg Shipping 73.5 Kg
Machine Dimensions (L x W X Hmm) : 432 (H) x 813 (W) x 508mm (D)
Power Requirement : 230v 50Hz 4Amps/ 115v 60Hz 8Amps
Safety Approvals : CE
Binding Width :
Wire closing range :
Capacity - Paper size (Max/Min) :
Machine Cycle :
Operation : Foot Pedal or Versa switch
Compressed air :
Pitch :
Min. binding width :
Binding element :
Max. binding width :
Speed :
Crimping Capacity :
Crimping Length :
Adjustable Crimper Heads :
Machine Set-up :
Inserting :
Adjustable Roller :
Inserting Roller :
Crimping :
Motor :
Pitch :
Suggested Binding Capacity :
Single Punch Capacity :
Single Punch Length :
Hole Size :
Disengageable Pins :
Binding thickness :
Side Margin Guide :
Space requirement :
Min. unbound edge :
Time required for diameter change :
Calendar hangers :
Format change without diameter :
Max. unbound edge :
Wire Capacity :
Document Size :
Productivity :
Binding Length :
Narrow Cut :
Binding Time :
Maximum Sheet Widgh :
Bind Cycle Speed :
De Bind Facility :
Binding Type :
Max Operating Width :
Spirals :
Binding Capacity :
Binding Styles :
Book Sizes :
Strip Lengths :
Paper Weight :
Edit Capability :
Warm-up Time :
Spine Thickness :
Volume :
Document Formats :
Wire-O Closing Range :

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