LINEA 360 A3 Roll Fed Laminator

Roll Laminators

The Linea DH-360 is a continuous roll fed system that allows non-stop lamination for demanding jobs

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Product Description

LINEA-LOGO.gifThe Linea DH-360 has been designed for jobs that just can’t wait. 


As well as being able to cope with long, continuous runs, its highly versatile and ideal for laminating different size media such as long banners or odd shaped pieces.


Great for use in...

  • In house print
  • Schools
  • Universities

Ideally suited for...

  • Posters
  • Teaching aids
  • Banners
  • Notices/ signage
  • Photos


Linea thermal encapsulation machines have been designed to work the way you do - non-stop.
Ready to roll in just a few minutes, they can easily cope with prolonged, continuous runs and can handle everything from small cards to long banners, posters, notices as well as maps, signage, photos and more.
Adaptable and compact, the Linea hot roll film systems have been intelligently designed with smart features and simple, easy to use controls.


Linea Scale


Cost Effective Quality

The Linea is available in four sizes from A3 / 11x17" to A0 / 34x44", so there’s a system to make sure you can keep your finishing costs in-house, saving time and costly out-sourcing. The finish quality is superb, you can always rely on the Linea to do the job efficiently and smartly.


Smart Features

They can be used as a desktop or free-standing system, ideal for busy office environments such as schools, councils, copy shops or any general business. The Linea is solidly built from all-metal components with heavy duty motors and large diameter rollers to withstand the rigours of continuous operation and a tough working schedule. 


Grow your Business

Quite simply, your printer has got bigger over the years, so your finishing equipment needs to - a Linea Series machine will help you to increase the amount of work you do without increasing your costs, because you’re bringing it all in-house.


The system has been carefully designed with well thought out features making it easy-to-use and highly efficient.








Encapsulating involves heat activated thermal film being applied on both sides of the print. The finished result is trimmed to leave a clear border around the edge of the print, therefore encapsulated. 

Choosing a finish is simplicity itself - gloss or matt, or a bit of both at the same time - face up for matt, face down for gloss.





Gloss over


Unlike other models on the market, the Linea laminating machine is solidly built from all-metal parts with heavy duty motors to withstand the rigours of continuous operation and a tough working schedule.






Control Panel


The easy to use control panel takes virtually no training, yet it offers you complete control over every job.





Precision rollers


The rollers apply even pressure to your items, giving you a perfect, permanent lamination every time. They also lift up to allow you to laminate everything from a single sheet of paper up to 5mm / 0.2" thick mounting board.





Linea knife


Every system includes a safety guard and a separate hand safety trimmer to ensure a safe working environment.

Features & Benefits

  • Can be used as a desktop or free standing system
  • Solidly built from all-metal components

Features & Benefits

  • Large diameter rollers to withstand the rigours of continuous operation
  • Available in 4 sizes from A3 - A0 / 11x17" - 34x44"

Technical Specification

Machine Details:  
Encapsulating Speed (mm/min / inches/min) 1400 / 55
Max. Encapsulating Width (mm / inches) 340 / 13
Mounting Thickness (mm / inches) 5 / 0.2"
Warm-up Time (mins) 10
Laminating Temperature Range (°C/°F) 0-140 / 32-284
Film Core (mm / inches) 25 / 1
Power Supply AC (v, 50Hz) 220 / 240
Power Supply AC (v, 60Hz) 110
Power Supply Required (Amps) -
Power Consumption (W) 700
Overall Dimensions - Width (mm / inches) 640 / 25
Overall Dimensions - Depth x Height (mm / inches) 420 x 310 / 17 x 12
Gross Machine Weight (Kg / lbs) 30 / 66
Warranty 1 Year
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