Fastback Binding Machines


Fastback Binding Machines: 


Document binding with Fastback binding machines means no more punching and waiting, no more cumbersome Combs or Wires!  Wherever you work - from advertising to government, technology to finance, you can say goodbye to awkward punching and binding.  Fastback binding systems use a revolutionary thermal adhesive bind, to create strong, beautiful tape binding. Now you can put together bound books and documents in seconds.


fastback-FB-20-image.jpg fastback-Photobook.jpg fastback-Hardcover.jpg


Ideal for binding a personalised presentation or photobook, there are three stages to fastback binding: the binding machine, the adhesive spine strip and an elegant cover, to create bookstore-quality hard covers and paperbacks. We supply a full range of fastback adhesive strips in a number of finishes. We also supply all the fastback accessories you'll need, including scorers, stitchers and splitters.


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