Ideal 1031 Rotary Trimmer - (430mm Trim Length) - PDC Presentation Solutions Ltd

Ideal 1031 Rotary Trimmer 430mm Trim Length

Stock Code : MCDU0002

This is a sturdy and practical rotary trimmer for A3 sheets that has numerous safety and functional aspects, including as its safety cutting head, centimetre grid and graduated scale on the cutting table and rubber feet to give it a secure footing. It can cut to a length of 430mm and up to six sheets at a time.

Safety cutting head: The rotary knife is made of special hardened, high quality steel but it will cut the paper, not you, thanks to an ergonomically designed safety cutting head. The blade is replaceable.

Extendable bracket: Measure precisely where your cuts need to be with the extendable front lay bracket, which can also be used as a back gauge. The bracket has a measuring scale in millimetres.

Clamp bar: This transparent bar gives you a clear view of what you are doing while also automatically clamping your sheets in place. It is also shaped with a protractor so you can get your angles right!

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