Ideal 1134 Guillotine Trimmer - 350mm Trim Length - PDC Presentation Solutions Ltd

Ideal 1134 Guillotine Trimmer 350mm Trim Length

Stock Code : MCDU0008

The IDEAL 1134 is a strong, safe and simple to use office trimmer, boasting high quality parts, from its resharpenable Solingen steel blades and sturdy blade mounting bracket for accurate rectangular cuts, to its all-metal construction, metal side-lay and transparent safety guard and manual clamp bar. Has a cutting capacity of approximately 25 sheets.

Ergonomic handle: Designed with ease of use and safety in mind, the IDEAL 1134 has an ergonomically-shaped blade handle.

Cutting line indication: Cutting accuracy is assured with the cutting line indicator, which is integrated into the transparent clamp bar, making alignment of sheets simpler.

Format and angle indications: For additional guidance and easy cutting, standard paper (A4 to A6 and American “Letter” size), various angle indications and common photo sizes are printed on the cutting table.

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