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WOB5000 Semi-Auto Wire Closer

Stock Code : MCJB104

Powerful, fast, efficient Wire-O® is easily achieved with the James Burn WOB5000. This impressive wire finishing machine is the perfect pair for digital printers, print finishers, and any other printing operation that needs to finish various wire bound documents at high volumes. It works with both spooled and cut twin loop wire, including 3:1 pitch and 2:1 pitch sizes. You can even work with calendar hangers when you add the optional hanger feeder accessory.

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Whatever your industrial wire finishing needs, the Wire-O Bind 5000 from James Burn may be the perfect fit. It processed documents at speeds up to 920 per hour and has simple setup from the touch screen digital control panel. Designed specifically for ease of use and operator safety, this is one of the best wire binding finishers on the market.

  • User friendly - Setup is instantly adjustable by the touch screen digital keypad. There are no mechanical adjustments necessary. Wire- O® size changeovers are completed in 2-5 minutes, whether with spools or cut wires.
  • Versatile - Accepts all Wire-O® binding sizes and pitches, allowing for a wide variety of document compatibility.
  • Efficient - The WOB5000 boasts run speeds up to 920 documents per hour with automatic set up that helps reduce waste. Two types of plug & play reception are available (standard or conveyor) to accommodate most workflow modes. Optional plug & play automatic hanger feeder with table extension for large wall calendars.
  • Flush cut - Offers flush-cut or overhanging covers with extended index tabs, and large wall calendars, using Wire-O® spools or cut wire spines.
  • Safety - Built in features ensure the highest safety standards
  • Ergonomic - Designed with the operator in mind, the WOB5000 has a large table-top workstation helping to reduce operator fatigue.

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