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BB50/H Automatic electric Wire Closer

Stock Code : MCJB105

The BB50H is a high speed semi-automatic wire binding machine that will help your print shop or bindery achieve output of up to 1,200 documents per hour, with minimal operator action needed. The operator simply sets the machine to the wire size being used, installs the wire spool, and then starts to place the pre-punched documents into the machine. The BB50/H will automatically cut the wire, position it in the punched holes, and close the wire, finishing the bind.

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The BB50H will handle documents as long as 500mm (20"). It will bind small 1/4" wires up to 1" wires in both 3:1 and 2:1 pitch ratios. The BB50/H will also work with skip binding and calendar hangers up to 400mm (16") long. It can even perform the skip binding function without calendars, for unique binding edges without that restriction.

On average, machine setup takes about 15 minutes, this includes the size setup. All tool changes and settings are easily accomplished from the front of the machine, making them easily accessible without having to move the machine, this means it doesn't need to be located in a central position. The touch screen control panel will guide the user through the process, and helps achieve a large variety of adjustments for sizes, pitches, and formats.

  • Large format Will bind documents and calendars up to 500mm wide.
  • Skip binding Achievable with or without hangers
  • Fast Can achieve speeds of up to 1,200 documents per hour, with realistic continuous output of 600 per hour.
  • Auto cut, feed & close After manually inserting a document the BB50/H automatically cuts the wire to length, feeds and positions for inserting, and then closes/finishes the wire.
  • Touchpad controls Ensures easy electronic changeovers for size, pitch and format.
  • Easy access Tool changes are achieved from the front of the machine.
  • Functional A large work table ensures all documents can be easily and accurately placed.

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