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Ideal 0135 Rotary Trimmer 1350mm Trim Length

Stock Code : MCDU0003

Robust, safe and easy to use, the IDEAL 0135 manual rotary trimmer with automatic clamping bar is capable of precision cutting up to a 135-cm length. The system comes as standard with a sturdy metal stand and collection tray for trimmings. Its anodised aluminium frame, impact-resistant plastic side brackets and non-slip rubber feet make it a trimmer that is built to last.

£772.00 ex VAT

Safety cutting head: Operator safety is a paramount concern, and the specially developed safety cutting head ensures no accidents should take place. The cutting head runs smoothly along the cross bar.

Rotary blade: Blade replacements will be few and far between with the self-sharpening rotary blade, which is made from special, high quality hardened steel. The counter blade is manufactured from stainless knife steel.

Measuring scales: To help ensure accurate trimming, the IDEAL 0135 has two measuring scales in centimetres on the cutting table.

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