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The Cyklos KSL-435 Creaser is the most versatile and professional manual creaser in the manual range. Designed to crease larger format work, up to 435mm with the option of four different sized crease channels offering versatile solutions for varying paper thickness and print quality.

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Easy to use machine with working width 435 mm. Creasing of paper (also digitally printed) made by KSL 435 provides simple but very precise bend. Users can choose between four types of crease. The creasing machine can also be used to process paper with a special surface treatment, such as that laminated on both sides. The creasing machine allows the easy folding of wedding cards, invitations, menus, annual reports, promotional materials, etc.

  • Quality metal construction with Sandvik creasing blade
  • Adjustment Two adjustment screws for absolute precision
  • Heavy Duty metal creasing die plate
  • Ergonomic bar allows creasing with the minimum use of power
  • Versatile Will crease stock up to 400gsm and 435mm wide
  • Option of 4 crease profiles, 0.8mm/1.0mm/1.5mm & 1.8mm
  • Fast exchange of creasing tool
Working Width : 435mm
Grammage Capabilities : 80 - 400gsm
Number of Perforating Wheels :
Max. Input Capacity :
Speed :
Maximum Paper Size :
Width of Crease : 0.8/1.0/1.5/1.8mm
Dimensions : 505 x 505 x 95
Packaged Dimensions : 630 x 630 x 190mm
Weight : Nett 13.5Kgs, Gross 16.5Kgs
Power Requirement :
Safety Approvals : CE
Optional Equipment :

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