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PowerSquare 224 Bookletmaker HF

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Highly Productive... the complete book making system
The Morgana PowerSquare™ 224 is a unique and innovative complete book making system for digital and offset print applications. It enables you to produce SquareBack books up to 224 pages – perfect for high paginations or heavier paper stocks. SquareBack books can carry print on the spine, just like a perfect bound book. They are easy to handle, stack and pack.

In a single machine it combines the four processes of stitching, folding, spine forming and trimming to produce SquareBack books up to 224 pages thick. It features fully automatic settings for different book size and pagination, including variable stitch-leg length for varying book thickness.

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The maximum finished book thickness – 10.4mm / 0.4” (approx 208 pages 80gsm / 21lb bond, 224 pages 70gsm / 18lb bond), is double that of alternative conventional booklet making machines, so it is ideally suited to higher paginations or to thicker stocks. This makes the Watkiss PowerSquareTM 224 a fast and cost-effective alternative to perfect binding or tape binding. Digital print applications frequently use heavier stocks and need the flexibility to produce a wider range of finished books from a single process, with little or no operator intervention – the Watkiss PowerSquare™ is a perfect match.

SquareBack Booklets

With an ever increasing demand for high quality booklets on a wider range of media the PowerSquareTM 224 and 224VF will deliver booklets produced with the unique SquareBackTM finish to the spine. The proven SquareBackTM process produces a superior quality finish. The automatic set thickness sensing ensures optimum book quality to deliver professionally finished booklets for you and your customer.

SquareBack books can carry print on the spine, just like a perfect bound book and are much easier to handle, stack and pack.

The Power SquareTM224 and 224VF can produce a wide range of formats including A6, A5, and A4. Booklets of up to 224 pages of 70gsm, or up to a thickness of 10.4mm can easily be produced, replacing the need for perfect binding of many publications.

Static Stitching head

Static stitching head and clincher gives consistent alignment and quality The PowerSquareTM 224 has a single stitch head which inserts one to six stitches in the spine of the book. The stitch head and clincher are static, the sheets move to the stitch, not vice versa. This means the stitch head and clincher never have to be moved, so alignment and stitch quality is consistently good.

Up to 6 staples can be applied to one set for 2-up or 3-up production, It also features fully automatic settings for different book size and pagination, including variable stitch-leg length for varying book thickness.

  • Automatic staple-to-fold tracking - gives improved quality with consistent and accurate staple position on the spine

  • Integral face trimming - produces a professional finish by removing the shingle-edge caused by folding multiple sheets

  • Full bleed two knife trimming - available as an option.

  • Book Width - Makes books from 4 – 224 pages

  • Produces - high quality SquareBack™ Books

  • Inserts - 1 – 6 stitches

  • Fully automated

  • Ergonomic design

  • Small footprint

  • Instant-on - no warm up time

  • Low power requirements

  • Renowned PowerSquare build quality - for long term reliability and performance

Max Speed - (Booklets/Hour): :
Paper weight range: : 60 - 300gsm dependent on paper type and quality
Maximum sheet size: : 370 x 520mm
Minimum sheet size: : 120 x 200mm
Minimum book size: :
Maximum book size: :
Bin capacity: :
LCD control panel: :
Intelligent feeding: :
Booklet size :
Paper type :
Stapling thickness :
Max Processing Speed :
Stapler :
Stapling Width :
Trimming waste width :
Number of sheets that can be trimmed :
Staple Capacity :
Detecting Function :
Operation Panel :
Noise Emission :
Power Supply : 100-230V 50-60Hz
Current Consumption :
Net Weight :
Capacity :
Speed :
Squarefolding modes :
Booklet size, max :
Booklet size, min :
Dimensions excl. base :
Sheet count (Min) :
Sheet count (Max) :
Feeded book size W x L (Min) :
Feeded book size W x L (Max) :
Finished book size W x L (Min) :
Finished book size W x L (Max) :
Face trimming (Min) :
Face trimming (Max) :
Side trimming (Min) :
Side trimming (Max) :
Duty cycle :
Standard Paper Sizes :
Set size (stapled folding) : Minimum set thickness - 1 sheet 80gsm (when folded makes an 4 page leaflet), Maximum set thickness - 5.2mm (approx 52 sheets x 80gsm. 56 sheets x 70gsm)
Dimensions :
Stapler Modes :
Stapler Heads :
Staples :
Error Detection :
Book thickness (Min) :
Book thickness (Max) : 10.4mm (approx 208 pages x 80gsm, 224 pages x 70gsm)
Staples per booklet :
Staples per cartridge :
Trimmed booklet size (Min) :
Output conveyor capacity :
Book Stacker capacity (Optional) :
No. of Bins :
Stitching : Single heavy duty stitch head 1- 6 stitches, evenly spaced on the spine of the book Stitches/spool: up to 291,500 Books*/spool: approx 127,000
Book Stacker : Stack books up to 930mm
Off-line use :

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