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DBM 350T Booklet Maker

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  • Fully Automatic
  • Up-to 3000 books per hour
  • Integrated Spine Press
  • User Friendly

Ideal for; Corporate reports, Catalogues, Brochures, Coupon Booklets, Yearbook, Picture Books, Magazines, Course Work, CD Booklets, Menus, Manuals or Price Lists.

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Duplo presents the fully automatic, premium booklet making solution for mid volume commercial printers and in-plants. The 350 Booklet System comprises of the DSC-10/60 collators, DBM-350 booklet maker and 350T trimmer. This system is capable of producing up to 3000 A5 booklets per hour and collating up to 10000 A4 sets per hour.

  • Fully automatic

  • Up-to 3000 books per hour

  • Integrated Spine Press

  • User friendly

Great for use in... Corporate Reports, Catalogues, Brochures, Coupon Booklets, Yearbooks, Picture Books, Magazines, Course Work, CD Booklets, Menus, Manuals, Price lists

All Duplo booklet makers are modular with over 200 different combinations of booklet maker across the entire range. Contact us today to discuss your work flows and where we can help to increase your volumes make better efficiency savings.

  • Superior feeding - The 350 Booklet system incorporates up to four DSC-10/60 collating towers which are equipped with Duplo’s superior feeding technology. This unique feeding system incorporates its own individual high power fans which provide variable amounts of air/ vacuum to each bin independently and can be adjusted to feed differing stock weights and sizes. The vacuum feed belt system ensures that each sheet is accurately and consistently delivered from the top of each paper pile.

  • Automated Precision - The whole system is managed from a single control panel on the 350 bookletmaker. The job set up is fully automatic within 60 seconds and the job change over is within 35 seconds without the use of any tools. The operator can easily create and save up to 20 jobs in the memory for future recall.

  • Productivity - The 350 Booklet System can finish each book without operator intervention or any wastage. The DSC10/60 has a large bin capacity of 65mm and is equipped with the features such as block mode and alternate mode, both of which contribute to its high productivity.

  • Flexibility - The 350 booklet system can finish a wide variety of booklet applications such as stitch and fold, corner stitch, side stitch and loop stitch. It can also collate and stack sets for perfect binding or NCR jobs. It accepts a wide variety of sheet sizes and thicknesses making it the most versatile system in its class!

  • Double Feed Detection - The DSC-10/60 is equipped with high resolution optical sensors that ensure a miss or a double feed error is identified. The software utilises light emitting sensors to accurately detect when two or more sheets are being fed. The faulty sets are automatically diverted to the reject tray, enabling continuous operation. Faulty sets once corrected can be simply reused or can be inserted by hand.

  • Block Mode - The Block Mode programme enables the DSC10/60 to be split in half, allowing the operator to load bins whilst another job is running, even with different paper sizes. This increases productivity & efficiency as down time is dramatically reduced.

  • Bi-directional Running - The DSC-10/60 collator can run to the left into the bookletmaker or to the right into the stacker. For NCR or a perfect binding job the user has a choice of two stackers, either the DCR-ST Criss cross stacker or DBM400STR which is suitable for high volume straight or offset stacking.

  • Modularity - The 350 Booklet System is a very modular system and can be customised according to the end users needs, allowing them to configure and expand as their needs and demands change.

  • Trimmer - The 350T Trimmer is fully automatic and is programmed from the DBM-350 booklet maker. The operator can easily adjust the trimming position from 1 to 20mm as per the job requirement.

  • DSS-350 - The optional DSS-350 Square Spine can add value to your offering by creating professional looking booklets with a perfect bound effect.

Max Speed - (Booklets/Hour): : 3000 (A5) booklets per hour
Paper weight range: : up to 300gsm (covers)
Maximum sheet size: : 320 x 460mm
Minimum sheet size: : 148 x 210mm
Minimum book size: :
Maximum book size: : 20 sheets
Bin capacity: :
LCD control panel: : on machine + pc controller option
Intelligent feeding: :
Booklet size :
Paper type :
Stapling thickness :
Max Processing Speed :
Stapler : 2 Sticthing heads
Stapling Width :
Trimming waste width :
Number of sheets that can be trimmed :
Staple Capacity :
Detecting Function :
Operation Panel :
Noise Emission :
Power Supply : 230v
Current Consumption :
Net Weight :
Capacity :
Speed :
Squarefolding modes :
Booklet size, max :
Booklet size, min :
Dimensions excl. base :
Sheet count (Min) :
Sheet count (Max) :
Feeded book size W x L (Min) :
Feeded book size W x L (Max) :
Finished book size W x L (Min) :
Finished book size W x L (Max) :
Face trimming (Min) :
Face trimming (Max) :
Side trimming (Min) :
Side trimming (Max) :
Duty cycle :
Standard Paper Sizes :
Set size (stapled folding) :
Dimensions : 1820 x 650 x 1030mm
Stapler Modes :
Stapler Heads : 2
Staples : Wire Spool
Error Detection :
Book thickness (Min) :
Book thickness (Max) :
Staples per booklet :
Staples per cartridge :
Trimmed booklet size (Min) :
Output conveyor capacity :
Book Stacker capacity (Optional) :
No. of Bins :
Stitching :
Book Stacker :
Off-line use :

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