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DBM-150 & 150T

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The DBM-150 is the world’s smallest fully automatic bookletmaker and trimmer. Equipped with Duplo’s superior engineering within a compact footprint. It can produce finish documents either sheet by sheet or set by set. The DBM-150 is designed to meet the challenges of today’s offset and digital printer. Duplo has bundled the features of the big bookletmakers into this uniquely compact system.

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  • Fully automated bookletmaking system
  • Speed up to 2400 books per hour
  • Sheet by Sheet or Set by Set
  • Modular

Booklet Making Process

Finishing modes:
The DBM-150 can finish side stapling, corner stapling and fold saddle stapling applications. It is also possible to produce fold only applications.

Great for use in:
University Prospectus, Menus, Catalogues, Brochures, Coupon booklets, Yearbooks, Magazines, Small Information Booklets, CD Booklets, Order of Service

  • Compact footprint - The 150 Bookletmaker and Trimmer is 13% smaller than its predecessor the 120. The small footprint of this booklet system makes it easy to install in places with limited space. The DBM-150 and DBM150T is the ideal companion for low to mid volume users such as Quick printers, Copy shops, in-plants and digital printers. Despite its small size, this system can finish a wide range of applications.

  • Media - The DBM-150 can finish wide range of applications. It can handle sheet sizes from 120mm x 210mm to 320mm x 460mm and paper weights from 64gsm to 300gsm. The small booklet kit is standard in the DBM-150.

  • User Friendly - The DBM-150 bookletmaker and trimmer features a state of the art control panel which is very simple and easy to use. The operator can set up a job in four simple steps. Everyone can operate the DBM-150 with or without very little training. It is the most user-friendly bookletmaker in its class!

  • Automatic Set up - The booklet size on the 150 Bookletmaker and Trimmer can be changed without any tools and takes only a few seconds. Simply select the required size and the guides and trimming position adjust automatically. If required, the operator can adjust the stapling position manually.

  • Finishing Modes - The DBM-150 can finish side stapling, corner stapling and fold saddle stapling applications. It is also possible to produce fold only applications.

  • Hand-feeding - The 150 Bookletmaker and Trimmer can be used as a stand-alone system. The operator can manually feed sets through the hand feeder, which is ideal for very short run or pre-collated jobs.

  • Modularity - This highly modular system and can be customised according to the end users needs, allowing them to configure and expand as their demands change. The DBM-150 and DBM-150T can be configured to the DSC-10/20, DSF-2200 and DFC-100.

  • Speed - The 150 Bookletmaker and Trimmer can produce up to 2400 books per hour.

  • Trimmer - The 150 trimmer is fully automatic and is programmed from the 150 bookletmaker. The operator can adjust the trimming position from 1 to 20mm.

Max Speed - (Booklets/Hour): :
Paper weight range: :
Maximum sheet size: :
Minimum sheet size: :
Minimum book size: :
Maximum book size: :
Bin capacity: :
LCD control panel: :
Intelligent feeding: :
Booklet size : Saddle stapling and folding - Length 210 to 460 mm Width 120 to 320 mm Standard size: A5SEF, A4 SEF, A4 LEF, A3 SEF, A3SR SEF, B5 SEF, B4 SEF, LGR SEF, LGL SEF, LTR SEF, LTR LEF, STMT SEF
Paper type : Fine quality: 64 to 127.9gsm, Art/Coated: 104.7 to 127.9gsm Cover: Fine quality, Art/Coated within 300gsm
Stapling thickness : Fine Quality: within 2.5mm (Maximum of 25 sheets regardless of paper weight) Art/Coated: within 2.0mm (Maximum of 20 sheets regardless of paper weight)
Max Processing Speed : 2400 sets/hour (fine quality 81.4 gsm / within 10 sheets saddle staple/fold A5 finished)
Stapler : ISABERG RAPID R952
Stapling Width : 70, 108, 160, 258, and 276mm (2.76, 4.25, 6.30, 10.16 and 10.87inch)
Trimming waste width : 1 to 20 mm
Number of sheets that can be trimmed : 4 to 50 sheets
Staple Capacity : 5,000 staples per cartridge
Detecting Function : Paper jam (in-feed section, stopper section, ejecting section), Staple near empty, Corner and Side Staple Kit detection, Cover open/close, Knife stop position error, Motor overload detection, Folding roller gap
Operation Panel : LCD control panel (DBM-150)
Noise Emission : Equivalent continuous Aweighted sound pressure level: 75.2 Sound pressure level: 92.5 (measured at 1 m away from the control panel, 1.5 m from the floor)
Power Supply : 120 to 240 V 50/60 Hz
Current Consumption : DBM-150: 130W 1.2-0.7A DBM-150 + DBM-150T: 230W 2.2-1.1A
Net Weight : 137kg
Capacity :
Speed :
Squarefolding modes :
Booklet size, max :
Booklet size, min :
Dimensions excl. base :
Sheet count (Min) :
Sheet count (Max) :
Feeded book size W x L (Min) :
Feeded book size W x L (Max) :
Finished book size W x L (Min) :
Finished book size W x L (Max) :
Face trimming (Min) :
Face trimming (Max) :
Side trimming (Min) :
Side trimming (Max) :
Duty cycle :
Standard Paper Sizes :
Set size (stapled folding) :
Dimensions :
Stapler Modes :
Stapler Heads :
Staples :
Error Detection :
Book thickness (Min) :
Book thickness (Max) :
Staples per booklet :
Staples per cartridge :
Trimmed booklet size (Min) :
Output conveyor capacity :
Book Stacker capacity (Optional) :
No. of Bins :
Stitching :
Book Stacker :
Off-line use :

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