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SRW 360 3:1 Manual Punch & Closing Machine

Stock Code : MCRE16

RENZ SRW 360 Comfort Punch Bind (3:1) Manual Wire Binding Machine that can be upgraded to an Electric Punch & Manual Wire Binding unit when required. Current additional cost to do this would be £1,599.00 + Vat.

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£799.00 ex VAT

Fixed 3:1 pitch, manual desktop punching and RENZ RING WIRE® binding machine for all types of book and calendar(1) production. Designed to produce low to medium volumes of documents of all sizes quickly and easily.

The RENZ SRW 360 Comfort wire binding machine is an entry level electric punch and manual wire closer. The RENZ SRW 360 Comfort punches 3:1" pitch square holes. With 42 selectable punching pins and adjustable punch margin the SRW 360 Comfort offers complete flexibility when punching a range of document sizes. For documents over 120 pages the RENZ ECO Comfort 2:1" punch will be required.

  • Vertical Punching Throat: Utilizes gravity to align various sheet sizes in the punching throat, eliminating punching skew.

  • Adjustable Edge Guide: Adjustable to ensure accurate alignment of paper.

  • Selectable Punch Pins: Punch pins can be deselected to accommodate most paper sizes.

  • Adjustable Punch Margin: A selector dial allows punched margins to be increased or decreased according to the document size.

  • Integral Wire Closer: The RENZ SRW Comfortis fitted with an integral wire closer for all wire sizes.

  • Wire Clamp Holder: The RENZ SRW Comfort is fitted with a wire holding bar, allowing the operator to punch and load the paper onto the wire easily.

  • Front Loading Chip Tray: Large front loading chip tray provides easy access for emptying chips.

  • All Metal Construction: Solid castings provide greater punching durability.

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