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Eco 360 Comfort Plus 2:1 Electric Punch / Manual Closing

Stock Code : MCREECO360CP

RENZ ECO 360 Comfort Punch Bind (2:1) Electric Wire Binding Machine Electric Punch & Manual Bind

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£2,499.00 ex VAT

The ECO 360 Comfort wire binding machine is an entry level electric punch and manual wire closer. The PDC ECO 360 Comfort punches 2:1" pitch square holes. With selectable punching pins and adjustable punch margin the ECO 360 Comfort offers complete flexibility when punching a range of paper sizes and weights.

For 3:1" punching the PDC SRW 360 Comfort should be used or alternatively, why not try our unique one pitch 2:1" wire and use your PDC ECO 360 Comfort to bind documents from 3 to 240 pages without the need for an additional punch.

  • Vertical Punching Throat: Utilizes gravity to align various sheet sizes in the punching throat, eliminating punching skew.

  • Adjustable Edge Guide: Adjustable to ensure accurate alignment of paper.

  • Selectable Punch Pins: Punch pins can be deselected to accommodate most paper sizes.

  • Adjustable Punch Margin: A selector dial allows punched margins to be increased or decreased according to the document size.

  • Integral Wire Closer: The RENZ ECO 360 Comfort is fitted with an integral wire closer for all wire sizes.

  • Wire Clamp Holder: The RENZ ECO 360 Comfort is fitted with a wire holding bar, allowing the operator to punch and load the paper onto the wire easily.

  • Front Loading Chip Tray: Large front loading chip tray provides easy access for emptying chips.

  • All Metal Construction: Solid castings provide greater punching durability.

  • Binding Capacity: Will bind a maximum of 425 sheets of 80gsm paper.

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