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Digibook 300 XL PUR - Perfect Binder

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The DigiBook 300XL opens the door to high value, large format book production.

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Now you can offer your customers books with a finished size of up to 450mm x 450mm! Applications such as deluxe catalogs, photobooks and special editions can all be produced more economically and easily than ever. And Morgana’s patented PUR technology ensures a strong, permanent bind across the widest range of media types and sizes.

Like all members of the DigiBook series, the 300XL uses our innovative PUR adhesive application and cleaning system. The nozzle system automatically applies the right amount of PUR adhesive for each and every book.

The unique milling and notching tools prepare the spine to ensure optimal interaction with the adhesive. Additionally, the DigiBook 300XL Pro has a completely retractable milling system, allowing for the production of sewn book sections.

Print applications are more demanding than ever. Plastic, film, coated and uncoated paper – light and heavy can now be bound permanently, simply and easily.

The DigiBook 300XL Pro uses a new and innovative system which is covered by no less than seven international patents.

The application is direct and hermetically sealed, without odour or toxic fume emissions, and does not require extraction fans, thus allowing the use of polyurethane glue in 2kg cartridges in a simple and wastefree manner.

  • Versatility - Produce books up to A3 landscape

  • Productivity - Up to 300 books per hour

  • Ease of Use - Touch screen operation complete with automatic format change.

  • Pneumatic opening - and closing of clamp

  • Binding length (spine) - from 100mm up to 450mm

  • Spine thickness - from 2 to 50 mm

  • Spine preparation - by sophisticated milling device

  • Automatic cleaning - and sealing of the glue head

  • Retractable milling

  • Patented hermetically sealed PUR application system - for spine and side gluing with automatic glue cut-off

  • Unique angled work surface

  • Automatic book block measuring - and set-up

Machine Dimensions (L x W X Hmm) : L 2470mm x W 1270mm x H 1660mm
Weight (Kgs) : 600 kgs
Power Requirement : 32amp single phase
Safety Approvals :
Binding Width :
Wire closing range :
Capacity - Paper size (Max/Min) :
Machine Cycle :
Operation :
Compressed air :
Pitch :
Binding element :
Min. binding width :
Max. binding width :
Speed : 300 books per hour
Crimping Capacity :
Crimping Length :
Adjustable Crimper Heads :
Machine Set-up :
Inserting :
Crimping :
Motor :
Inserting Roller :
Adjustable Roller :
Pitch :
Single Punch Capacity :
Suggested Binding Capacity :
Single Punch Length :
Hole Size :
Disengageable Pins :
Binding thickness :
Side Margin Guide :
Space requirement :
Min. unbound edge :
Max. unbound edge :
Time required for diameter change :
Format change without diameter :
Calendar hangers :
Wire Capacity :
Document Size :
Productivity :
Binding Length :
Narrow Cut :
Binding Time :
Maximum Sheet Widgh :
Bind Cycle Speed :
De Bind Facility :
Binding Type :
Max Operating Width :
Spirals :
Binding Capacity :
Binding Styles :
Book Sizes :
Strip Lengths :
Spine Thickness :
Paper Weight :
Edit Capability :
Warm-up Time :
Volume :
Document Formats :
Wire-O Closing Range :
Max Binding Format :
Min Binding Format :
Wire-O Diameters :
Binding Speed :
Shipping Dimensions :
Shipping Weight :
Min. Number of Wire-O Loops :
Wire-O Sizes :
Book Thickness :
Skip Binding :
Spine length :
Cover dimensions : Min 240mm x 100mm Max 1000mm x 450mm
Cover thickness :
Glue application :
Number of clamps :
Spine length: Max / Min : 450mm/100mm
Book height: Max / Min : 450mm/120mm
Touch Screen : Yes
Block/spine thickness : 2 – 50mm
Maximum Cover Weight : 400gsm

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