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DB-290 Perfect Binder

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DB-290 Dust Extractor Kit Code: MCDUDB290A Price: £118.00 ex VAT
DB-290 Dust Extractor Code: MCDUDB290B Price: £590.00 ex VAT

The user-friendly DB-290 perfect binder brings you automatic professional perfect binding to your desktop. The compact DB-290 Hotmelt Perfect Binder is the ideal solution for short-run, on-demand digital print applications.

Perfect Binding - Binds loose sheets with a cover wrapped around the spine

Tape Binding - Binds loose sheets with a strip of tape

Padding - Binds loose sheets together on the spine without notching

The binding process on the DB-290 includes a double pass over its unique notching and roughing system to ensure excellent glue penetration. The DB-290 perfect binder has a wide notching blade that cuts deeper, wider notches into your book block, enabling the glue to penetrate deeper into the grooves, while the milling disk roughens the spine, creating a strong bind.

The DB-290 offers side gluing as standard. This is performed by wheels with their own dedicated glue tank and enables the operator to use an EVA glue which dries quickly and enables your book to be cut to size quicker. The glue in the main tank can then be a different EVA glue which takes longer to cure, giving more time for the adhesive to thoroughly penetrate into the spine, resulting in a better perfect bind and squarer spines for your books.

Anyone can use the DB-290 perfect binder. You don’t have to be a skilled operator to finish your own, high quality perfect bound book. The LED display panel guides the operator through the entire binding process. The DB-290 uses this ergonomically designed control panel for single-operator efficiency. The clearly marked LED display ensures more precise perfect binding settings and with a quick push of a button, you can convert and use the DB-290 for padding jobs.

  • Single operator machine

  • Up to 200 books per hour

  • User-friendly control panel

  • Two separate glue tanks

Ideally Suited for

Soft cover books, Tape bound books, Note pads

  • Easy to Operate - Achieve a book-bound quality without the need of a skilled operator, the LED display panel guides the operator through the entire binding process.

  • Control Panel - The DB-290 provides an ergonomic control panel for single-operator efficiency. Electronic operation and a clearly marked LED display ensure more precise settings, while a quick push of a button converts the machine for padding jobs.

  • Strong Bind - The DB-290 features two separate glue tanks , one for the main drum and one for the separate side gluing feature. Combination tooling allows effective spine preparation, resulting in a more durable bind.

  • Stand-by Mode - Avoid lengthy start-up times by selecting Stand-by mode, this feature lowers the temperature of the glue, preventing it from burning and deteriorating. This feature provides real peace of mind should there be any interruptions in production. The DB-290 also maintains the quality of the glue by performing a self-test, stirring the glue in preparation for operation.

  • Notching - Roughing - The binding process includes a double pass over the unique notching system to ensure excellent glue penetration. The DB-290 uses a spine preparation disk fitted with a combination of wide notching blades and smaller cutting tools. The notching blades cut deep and wide notches into the book block, enabling the glue to penetrate further into the paper, while the smaller roughing blades break up the surface fibres across the surface of the spine. The combined effect is to create a strong bind. In addition, dust extraction is included as standard (collection not provided).

  • NEW Side Gluing - This is an advantageous feature compared to other binders with only a drum for spine gluing, or with wires to apply side glue. The side gluing is performed by wheels with their own dedicated glue tank, allowing the operator to use a formula of adhesive that dries quickly and firmly supports the shape of the book. The glue in the main tank can then be a formula that takes longer to cure, giving more time for the adhesive to thoroughly penetrate into the spine. This combination creates improved glue application and adhesion, resulting in a better bind and squarer books.

  • Nipping Station - The DB-290 uses a uniquely designed nipping mechanism that applies powerful nipping pressure and produces a square and precise book spine of professional quality. The nipping table presses the wrap-around cover on all three sides of the spine to ensure perfectly square spines every time.

  • Multiple Applications - The DB-290 is able to produce an array of applications. Soft cover binding, tape binding and padding can all be created with a quick push of a button.

  • Automated Operation - The DB-290 can be set to run automatically or manually. When in Auto mode, the full benefits of the DB-290 are shown through the automation of the clamping, release, nipping and binding functions with minimal user intervention and maximum productivity.

  • Convenience - For maximum efficiency, the DB-290 features a cover detection sensor at the nipping station, this ensures that the clamp will not travel back to the nipping position until the cover stock is in position. For added convenience the operator has the option to preset the nipping and clamping time.

Machine Dimensions (L x W X Hmm) : 1,300 mm x 560 mm x 470 mm
Power Requirement : 220/240V, 50Hz/10A
Weight (Kgs) : 143 kg
Binding Width :
Safety Approvals :
Wire closing range :
Operation : Pad, tape, cover
Capacity - Paper size (Max/Min) :
Machine Cycle :
Max. binding width :
Min. binding width :
Pitch :
Binding element :
Crimping Capacity :
Speed : Up to 360 cycles per hour
Compressed air :
Inserting Roller :
Adjustable Crimper Heads :
Crimping Length :
Inserting :
Crimping :
Machine Set-up :
Motor :
Single Punch Length :
Pitch :
Single Punch Capacity :
Disengageable Pins :
Hole Size :
Adjustable Roller :
Suggested Binding Capacity :
Max. unbound edge :
Side Margin Guide :
Binding thickness : 40 mm
Calendar hangers :
Min. unbound edge :
Space requirement :
Time required for diameter change :
Format change without diameter :
Wire Capacity :
Document Size :
Narrow Cut :
Maximum Sheet Widgh :
Binding Time :
Binding Length :
Productivity : Up to 200 books per hour
Max Operating Width :
Binding Type :
Bind Cycle Speed :
De Bind Facility :
Binding Capacity :
Spirals :
Edit Capability :
Spine Thickness :
Paper Weight :
Binding Styles :
Strip Lengths :
Volume :
Book Sizes : Min 120 mm (spine length) x 50 mm Max 320 mm (spine length) x 400 mm
Document Formats :
Warm-up Time :
Book Thickness :
Skip Binding :
Wire-O Sizes :
Min. Number of Wire-O Loops :
Shipping Dimensions :
Min Binding Format :
Spine length :
Max Binding Format :
Cover dimensions : 320 mm (spine length) x 750 mm (using ruler guides for cover alignment) 320 mm x 840 mm (using centre marks for cover alignment)
Wire-O Closing Range :
Wire-O Diameters :
Shipping Weight :
Binding Speed :
Maximum Cover Weight :
Book height: Max / Min :
Cover thickness :
Touch Screen :
Number of clamps :
Block/spine thickness :
Glue application :
Spine length: Max / Min :
Glue warm up : 30 minutes
Standard Features : Stand-by mode, LED display, error detection display
Glue Warm-up in Stand-by Mode : 5 minutes
Notching & Roughing : Double pass

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